Chrome's best broken link checker.


Whether you're hunting for quality domains to purchase or doing some broken link building for local dental SEO or a national link building campaign, Domain Hunter Plus just made your life a whole lot easier.

Let's quickly run down the features:

  1. With two clicks you can crawl hundreds of links on a page.
  2. DHP returns all outbound links with error status codes and let's you know if the domain is available.
  3. For each error status code, DHP shows you SEOmoz's data (from their Linkscape API) on the number of broken links to that particular page AND the domain. You can open the Open Site Explorer report in a new tab right from the DHP interface.
  4. If you want to purchase a domain or multiple domains, you can select the ones you want and move directly to GoDaddy to register them.
  5. If you just want a report, you can export all of DHP's results into a .csv file for later use.

Do you know of any other link checking plugins that can do all that? We don't either.


Once you've installed the plugin you'll see it up in the corner of your Chrome browser.

Just click on the logo and watch it start crawling through your links. When it completes its crawl you'll be left with a list of broken links (assuming there are some) with the number of links (via SEOmoz's Linkscape API) coming into that page AND the domain. As with any plugin, this isn't perfect, so there will be occasional false positives (sorry!).

If you see a domain that you like simply tick the check box and click export to download a list for more research or click register to go right to GoDaddy and buy the domain before someone else does.


Click on the link numbers to get detailed link information for that page or domain from Open Site Explorer.


Want more links? Want to find great domains? Download Domain Hunter Plus today.

Domain Hunter Plus was developed by Netvantage SEO and our development partners at Nicholas Creative. If you have questions, feedback, comments or concerns, you can find the contact information on our contact us page.

What industry insiders are saying about Domain Hunter Plus

  • Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO says, "It makes Check My Links look like a kids toy."
  • Amanda Sozak of ASVAB Practice Test Online says, "This tool was extremely valuable for us in finding the perfect domain for our site."
  • John-Henry Scherck of Digital Third Coast says, "Domain Hunter Plus is a game changer, plain and simple!"
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