Professionals who know search.

While lots of SEO companies offshore their work to who knows where, Netvantage's entire staff is located in the United States (in either Michigan, Colorado, or Virginia). Here's our main cast of characters:

Joe Ford, Managing Partner

Aside from overseeing the day to day operations of Netvantage, Ford is the lead strategist and manager for the PPC team at Netvantage. He directs between 25-35 campaigns per year, across a variety of budget sizes and industries. Ford's background is based in marketing and technology, and he has been working with search marketing since 2003 when he was the Assistant Director of Marketing and Admissions for the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management. Prior to starting Netvantage with co-founder Adam Henige in 2008, he was a Senior Analyst at a leading internet consulting firm working with Fortune 500 companies. Ford is on the Executive Board for the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the Marketing Committee for Impression 5 Science Museum. He is also an adjunct professor in the Michigan State University Broad Graduate School of Management for the Masters in Market Research Program.

Adam Henige, Managing Partner

With an MBA in Marketing from Michigan State University and a background in consulting, Adam has the business acumen and marketing knowledge to build successful online marketing campaigns. Adam heads up our office in Grand Rapids, Michigan and as a thought leader in the industry he has been featured in several prominent SEO publications like, Search Engine Journal, and Point Blank SEO.

Mike Hall, Account Manager

With over ten years of experience exclusively in the SEO industry, Mike focuses specifically on the organic (non-paid) side of search engine marketing. Mike manages the projects of some of our toughest clients in competitive industries, and finds innovative approaches to get their sites in front of the right people.

Lexie Korringa, Account Manager

Lexie learned the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing as an intern before joining our staff full-time after graduating from Michigan State University in 2012. She works with a variety of our SEO clients ranging from travel to higher education. In addition to working with SEO clients, Lexie also coordinates our social media work. Lexie has guest hosted Twitter chats for Netvantage Maketing, including the Content Writing Chat and Sprout Chat.

Jerod Karam, Vice President of Technical Operations

Jerod studied Information Technology as an undergrad and then went on to get an MBA with a focus in Marketing. He has worked for both small boutique agencies as well as corporations that produce global brands that you have definitely heard of and may even own. He grasps the intricacies of most internet & web technologies and can convey that knowledge to both teammates and clients in an understandable way. Roll all that together with a "can do" attitude and an award-winning smile and you have got yourself one heck of a Director of Technology.