Lansing’s Leading PPC and SEO Company

We are the only company in Lansing that only provides SEO and PPC services. While many firms in the area work in several different aspects of digital marketing, we just do search. In fact, most firms in the area that do web development trust us to handle SEO for their clients.

Netvantage SEO's Lansing Roots

Our company headquarters in East Lansing sits directly across the street from Michigan State University. The company, not surprisingly, was started by two Michigan State graduates. Joe Ford graduated from The College of Communications Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. Adam Henige graduated from the renowned Eli Broad Graduate School of Management with an MBA.

Our East Lansing location is in the University Place office space connected to the Marriott, overlooking the ever-expanding downtown district from its highest floor. Netvantage SEO got its start in the Lansing area, starting in a tiny office rented out by a mortgage firm in Okemos. Since 2008 our team has grown to become the leading Lansing SEO and pay per click management firm. Our client base is national, working with clients across 16 states in 2019. However, we are proud to work with many large and small businesses in the Lansing area including Neogen CorporationDart ContainerGreenStone Farm Credit Services, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, LorAnn Oils, Dean TransportationAimee Kauffman LPC, and Derksen Dentistry. Our close proximity to Michigan State University also has meant countless projects over the years with the College of Business, College of Music, Department of Geography, the College of Law, and others. Our reach in higher education also extends to Lansing Community College, working with their online degree programs.

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Low Pressure Sales

There are many in the SEO industry, including some businesses in the Lansing area, that push or pester you to work with them. We do not. Contact us if you want to talk about how our services might benefit you. If you don’t see the need, we get it. No problem. Our approach is to work with those that want to utilize search marketing as a tool to grow their business and not bother those who don’t. And if you want to use just one of our search marketing services and not all of them, that works for us. We don’t want to sell you the fries if you just want a hamburger.

At-Will Employees

The key difference in our approach to client management versus other SEO firms? No long-term contracts. You are not locked in and can change your mind at any time. We see ourselves as at-will employees when working with clients. Engagements are month to month. Every month, we send our report, have a call, or an in-person meeting and if you want to continue, THEN we send the invoice. This keeps us on our toes and keeps you happy and flexible.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Lansing headquarters provide search engine optimization services that help our clients generate quality organic search traffic on a consistent basis. We help enterprise level companies with large scale content calendars and keyword planning projects. We assist small business to business service firms like lawyers and accountants generate more leads. We work with manufacturers to help them rank high in Google to diversify their client base. We do all of this and everything in between. The client roster in SEO is diverse, but normally the mission is the same. Get rankings, grow traffic, generate sales and leads.

Paid Search

The price of doing business with Google and Bing Ads only continues to go up. Additionally, the features and tools available to companies looking to use PPC keep getting more complicated. We view PPC as trading stocks. Yes, you or someone in your firm can learn it all and do it effectively. But, do you have the time in the day to do it? That’s why we’re here. We help billion dollar enterprise firms and small businesses in Lansing and across the country properly manage their PPC spend and gain a maximum return on investment for lead generation and sales.

Agency Partnerships

We partner with ad agencies, creative firms, web development companies, and programmers all across the United States. You do what you do well - execute marketing strategies and build beautiful websites. But, when your clients ask about ranking that pretty new site number one, let us do that hard work. Search marketing is complicated and warrants dedicated time and resources to perform well. Don’t assign it to an intern, give us a call. Keep your clients happy and create a monthly revenue stream for your agency.

To learn more about how our Lansing SEO services and AdWords solutions can help grow your business, just give us a call at 517.580.3752 or send us a message via our contact form.