Is it time for a professional pay per click campaign audit?

Whether it was set up by someone at your company or an outside agency, it can always be helpful to take a look under the hood of your pay per click and/or Google Ads accounts to see what’s happening. PPC campaigns are expensive, and if you’re not tuned into how individual campaigns, ads, keywords, and landing pages are performing you very well could be throwing your money down the drain. That’s why Netvantage offers PPC audit services, to provide an expert opinion on ways to improve your campaign and make sure your money is being spent wisely.

We’ll put your campaign under the microscope

Too many PPC accounts don’t get the attention they need to be effective. During our Google Ads audit our PPC experts ask the tough questions and drill down to the nitty gritty to see where your campaign can be improved and where you may be wasting your budget.

  • Are your keywords using the right match types? Are you losing money by using too many broad match keywords? Would negative keywords help reign in your spend?
  • Are you getting the wrong clicks? Have you taken a look at the exact search queries your campaign is generating and how those are converting?
  • Is your average cost per click too high? Do you have a target cost you need to reach to hit your goals? If so, what is it?
  • Is your visitor bounce rate too high? Are there issues with your landing page or the alignment of your ad to the landing page?
  • How is your impression share? Is your bid management per keyword and ad group generating quality impressions?

These are the types of questions that uncover common problems we see in many ad campaigns. Our audit playbook looks at everything from keyword selection up to your account structure. No stone goes unturned as we look at ways to optimize your campaign and increase your ROI. When we finish our audit we will present you with our findings, review our recommended changes, re-launch the campaign and monitor the impact of our changes. Here, our work includes:

  • Evaluation of keyword selection and click through rates
  • Likely an emphasis on a decrease of clicks, but an increase in quality and conversion rate
  • Improving visitor retention to your site, and implement goal tracking
  • For e-commerce clients, review of the current return on click and the relationship of cost to revenue per keyword

How much does a PPC audit cost?

We gauge our pricing on the scale and depth of your current campaign - taking into consideration the complexity of your campaigns with geography, ad groups, extensions, and Google Analytics goal tracking. Every campaign is different, but we’ve found that we are very competitive in our pricing for both paid search campaign audits as well as our campaign management services.

Ready to talk about your campaign?

If you have a Google Ads, Google Display Network, Bing Ads, Facebook, or LinkedIn campaign that needs a second look we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can help. We pride ourselves on our laid back sales approach, so we won’t hound you with follow ups if you’re not ready for an audit just yet. No one likes to be hassled and we’ve got better things to do than scare away potential clients. With that out of the way, you can give us a call at 877.204.0234 if you’d like to talk or just fill out our contact form below and someone from our staff will get back to you within a business day.


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