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Netvantage opened its Grand Rapids office in 2013 after doing a substantial amount of work with a wide variety of West Michigan companies like Packaging Compliance Labs, Gordon Food Service, Brunswick Bowling CK & CO video production, and many more. Netvantage is the partner of choice for many of Grand Rapids’ best web design companies as well as several of the town’s leading marketers and ad agencies. So, if we’re the Grand Rapids SEO company of choice for industry professionals, there’s probably a good reason why.

Low Pressure Approach

No one likes an overly aggressive salesperson. We deal with them all the time and we know how awful that experience is. The truth is, not everyone needs our services or is a good fit for our SEO or paid advertising services.

Our first conversation with potential customers consists of learning about your company, discovering your digital marketing goals, and explaining how our services do (or don’t) align with those goals.

If you want a proposal we’ll put one together based around the details of our conversation and we’ll follow up once or twice if we don’t hear back from you. If we don’t hear back from you at that point, we can take a hint. If you want to talk to us, just give us a call at (616) 536-1045 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Still not convinced? Read on to learn more about our team.

Netvantage SEO Grand Rapids

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Our Team

We pride ourselves on being more than just another SEO company in Grand Rapids, we strive to be a part of the West Michigan community. Our Grand Rapids location is headed by Netvantage co-founder Adam Henige. He’s a Grand Valley State University alumnus who is still very involved in the University. On top of that, he’s also president of The Hero Foundation, a local charity that provides financial assistance to Michigan families impacted by cancer. Our team lives in West Michigan and we’re proud to provide our services to local companies large and small. As a thought leader in the industry, he has been featured in several prominent SEO publications like Moz.comSearch Engine Journal, and Point Blank SEO.

A Full Suite of Search Marketing Services

Our Grand Rapids office provides a full suite of SEO and internet marketing services. We provide services directly to end clients and also offer our services to agency partners in a completely transparent fashion or as white label partners.

Search Engine Optimization - We’re Brain Surgeons

Lots of companies say they do SEO when their specialties lie elsewhere. Our team only does search marketing, which allows us to be on top of the latest changes to Google’s algorithm and keep up with the latest and greatest techniques. Your web development company might know a little bit about SEO, but their business is built on designing and developing websites not doing SEO. So why not go to an expert? Let’s put it another way, if you need brain surgery you don’t go to your family doctor, do you? No, you go to a brain surgeon. In this analogy, we’re the brain surgeons (please note that we are not actually brain surgeons). Our full list of SEO services includes:

One Big Reason to Choose Netvantage

Oh, we almost forgot to mention one very important differentiator between our SEO services and other companies. We do month to month contracts. While this sounds crazy to most SEO firms that try to lock you into long term contracts, we know that short term contracts keep our team working hard and give you financial flexibility. Also, SEO is a tough racket, and if you’re not happy with our progress we don’t think you should have to keep paying us. Is that crazy? Maybe. We also think it’s the right way to do business and our clients agree.

Paid Search Services

Our pay per click marketing services are designed with ROI in mind. Too many companies oversell AdWords and other paid search options as a miracle solution to generate sales and leads. The truth is, PPC isn’t always a great fit for every niche and our team will take a realistic approach to your campaign to make sure you’re not lighting money on fire just so we can make a management fee. If you’re interested in starting your first campaign or want a second opinion on how to improve an existing campaign, just give us a call at 1.877.204.0234.

Agency Partnerships

We have tons of experience working in partnerships with agencies in Grand Rapids and across the United States. This includes web designers, marketing companies, ad agencies, PR firms and other partners who need a search marketing resource to complement their in-house competencies. The links below detail our various partner services.

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