White label partnerships are what we do

We’ve literally built our business on agency partnerships. From our inception in 2008, we immediately began partnering with web development companies as well as PR and ad agencies to provide them with a resource to manage their paid search and SEO campaigns. Over the years we’ve earned the trust of dozens of partner companies as their trusted SEO partner firm.

Why choose Netvantage as your digital marketing partner?

Being a jack of all trades can be handy, but sometimes you need an expert to rely on. All we do at Netvantage is SEO and paid search advertising. This focus allows us to stay on top of the best practices in all areas of search marketing and helps us keep you educated about the latest trends in the industry.

We also know that results aren’t measured in traffic, they’re measured in increased sales and lead generation. So let us take care of business on the search side while you can focus your time and energy on what you do best. We can offer white label SEO services and PPC services or be a visible partner - you tell us what works for you. We are adept at working in either environment and our experienced account managers know how to keep your team and the end client in the loop.

What we offer

Our digital marketing agency partnerships work because what we offer aligns, rather than overlaps with our partners’ services. We don’t do programming, we don’t do design, we just do search. Of course, this focus makes us one of the top SEO firms and paid search management companies in our niche, and that’s why so many companies choose to outsource their search marketing needs to us. Here are some tactical elements that come with our SEO and PPC offerings.

SEO Services

PPC Services

Strengthen your ongoing client relationships

Let's say you do web development projects for your client. You work diligently to design the website, program it, fill it full of content and finally launch the site. Then what? They go away, you move onto the next project, and your relationship with them is reduced to a holiday card. Or, your client asks for help with search marketing, and all of a sudden another agency is getting their hooks into your client. We can help you prevent both scenarios. Introducing search marketing to their business approach will help develop an ongoing relationship, and keep your foot in the door for future web design, development or marketing work. By offering search marketing services you can provide an ongoing value proposition to your clients. At the same time, you also have a new opportunity to make recurring revenue off of these ongoing services.

Being an agency partner works both ways

One of the additional benefits of working with Netvantage is that when our clients need design, development, PR, or marketing services outside of the realm of online marketing, we need somewhere to refer them. Whether our client is looking for a new WordPress website, a shakeup to their brand or online presence, or if they’re looking for someone to help them with social media marketing, we’re happy to refer our clients out to our trusted partners. So on top of any markups, you may choose to add to our services, we can also be a fresh source of leads for new business as well.

Most SEO agency pricing makes partnering pointless

One of the benefits of being in smaller cities like Denver, Grand Rapids, and Lansing is that we can keep our costs lower than many of our competitors. Billing out at $125 per hour offers you the ability to add a markup to your projects that most PPC and SEO companies can’t offer. Depending on the volume of work and the specific types of clients you work with we may be able to provide some customized pricing packages as well that offer even more flexibility.

Sound good? Find out more about our white label SEO or white label PPC services to see how we can help you and your clients. If you have questions, simply fill out our contact form below or give us a call at 877.204.0234 and one of our team members will get back to you within one business day.


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