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In our experience, most web development companies that say they offer SEO services only truly know how to do on-site optimization (at best) and don't offer any kind of link building service. Someone on their staff knows how to set up your page titles, header tags, alt tags and body copy in such a way that you're targeting quality keywords on important pages.

However, if you're in a competitive industry, having a "Google friendly" site isn't enough to help you generate traffic in and of itself. After all, if two similar websites are both “Google friendly”, then how does Google determine which one to rank ahead in search results?

The key to high rankings is getting quality, relevant links coming into your website. With Google's recent updates targeting spammy, low quality links like blog comments, article directories and forum comments, it's more important than ever to make sure you're getting quality links. Quality over quantity links will improve your rankings and won't put you in Google's doghouse (which unfortunately happens all too often with cut rate SEO link building services).

Why Netvantage?

At Netvantage, we just do search engine marketing. That's all we do, and we think that we're quite good at it. As a link building company, the Netvantage staff have decades of combined link building experience and run active link building campaigns for dozens of clients. We meet on a regular basis to discuss our current link building activities and share what's working and not working. We brainstorm ideas to maximize link building efficiency and write about our experiences.

Link building is what separates Netvantage from other SEO firms. Link building is extremely challenging, but also very effective when done correctly. We know that search engine optimization is much more than just link building. But in the end, your link profile is an incredibly important ranking factor and will ultimately separate your business from competitors in search results.

How we build links to your website:

One other thing we're clear on is HOW we build your links. If a link building agency can't explain their strategy for building your links or won't show you which links they're building for you - be warned, trouble lies ahead.

Our quality link building services at Netvantage uses a number of long-standing Google "white hat" techniques to build our clients' links. Depending on your industry and business type, we may make use of numerous link building tactics and strategies, such as:

Competitive linking

Wondering where your competitors are getting their links? We’ll answer that question and much more. We use third-party software to compile a list of the links pointing to your competitor websites and then proactively try to earn links from the same locations.

Unlike other SEO firms, we take competitive link building much farther - Instead of evaluating a handful of your closest competitors, we’ll look at your industry as a whole. We’ll review hundreds of websites that compete for your target keywords to uncover high quality and relevant pages that could link to your website.

Niche directories

General directories no longer hold value in Google, but well-maintained niche directories focused on finance and business can add value to a site. Our team will identify and submit listings to these sites. If your business operates in a specific geographic area, we’ll make use of local directories other local SEO tactics to help improve your keyword rankings for localized searches.

Broken link building

The Netvantage staff uses a number of different software solutions to crawl the web and find out of date or removed content relevant to your industry and services. When we identify “broken” content that has a high volume of links, we recreate a new and improved version of the resource. We then contact the sites linking to these defunct pages, tell them about the broken link on their site, and offer your website or resource on your website as a replacement.

This tried and true link building method is extremely effective because it:

  • Immediately gets the attention of the website owner
  • Creates a need for the website owner to make changes to their website
  • Offers a fix for the issue (a link to your website)

Resource creation

Your target audience is interested in more than just your products or services. Having valuable resources on your website appeals to your audience while at the same time being a huge SEO asset. We've had a large amount of success building links for many different resource page content types including:

  • Product/service comparisons
  • Tools
  • Step by step guides
  • Infographics
  • Industry expert roundups

We’ll help you create resources for your website that bring in additional traffic and get your website links. Many SEO agencies that focus primarily on content marketing take a backward approach when it comes to resource creation for link building. They create the resource and then try and figure out where they can get links. We conduct detailed link prospect research before creating any content so that your new resource is capable of getting links and is set up for long-term success.

Link reclamation

Do any websites mention your brand name but don’t provide a link to your website? Are there websites that are currently quoting your content, using images from your website, or linking to your website incorrectly. We’ll find these instances and many others where a website should be but isn’t providing a link to your website.

In addition, our tools alert us when links to your website are changed or removed. We’ll take steps to reach out to the website that removed your link and do everything possible to re-create your link.

Guest blogging

In the past, Google has cracked down on low-quality guest blogging tactics, and for good reason. Many websites were set up as low-quality content “farms", which only existed to unnaturally pass link authority from site to site. Our staff only considers high value, hand-edited blogs in industries relevant to your own that offer guest posting options that will still pass the quality guidelines of the search engines.

Additionally, we write content for guest blogging so that it offers value to the readers of the website. This ensures that your links from guest blogging stay relevant and of high value for years to come.


Giving away weekly or monthly prizes can be an excellent way to gain mentions, links, and social media traction. If your business regularly offers discounts or sales, we can make use of them for link building purposes.

Product reviews

If you run an e-commerce business, our team will connect you with relevant review sites who will help build your referral traffic while also helping your site obtain high-quality links.


Our staff scours value donation and sponsorship opportunities that link back to their donors. These sponsorship opportunities will be related to your industry or within your geographic area. This is another quick method for gaining high-value links.

Transparency along the way

On top of monthly traffic and keyword rankings reports, we’ll send you an update on link building activity. You’ll know exactly how many websites we are reaching out to for links, where your website is getting new links, and the overall value of those links. With time, we can show you the improvements that link building makes to your website’s strength and authority in the eyes of Google.

How much do link building services cost?

We will develop a custom link building pricing package that is based on the number of hours our team will spend working on the campaign. This is dependent on how aggressively you want our team to pursue links and the competitive level of your industry.

For smaller clients, our pricing can start as low as $1,000 per month. For larger-scale projects in competitive industries, prices can go as high as $4,000 to $5,000 per month. Contact us to learn more about how our link building services can help you gain visibility.

What tools do you use for link building?

At Netvantage, we use a number of free and paid tools that help us find, prioritize, and vet link prospects. In addition, we use many tools that help us during link building outreach that help us pitch your website more efficiently to a larger number of high quality sources. Here are some of the tools that we frequently use when building links:

How long will it take to see results?

Because every website and industry are different, results from link building will depend on numerous factors:

  • Current backlink profile and internal link structure
  • Difficulty of keyword targets
  • Competitiveness of industry
  • User experience of your website

As we build new links to your website, these will slowly get noticed by Google and other search engines. While we may not see sudden swings in keyword rankings and traffic as a result of our link building strategies, we can expect to see gradual improvements on a monthly basis. We will document these changes in our monthly SEO reports.

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