Domain Hunter Plus Review By John-Henry Scherck

John-Henry SherckThis review of Domain Hunter Plus, the broken link and domain finding Google Chrome extension developed by Netvantage and Nicholas Creative comes from John-Henry Scherck of Digital Third Coast, a search engine marketing firm based in Chicago. All opinions expressed hereafter are his and his alone:

Domain Hunter Plus Review

Every now and then, a tool comes along that makes you rethink your link building process, Domain Hunter Plus is one of those tools. My Chrome browser is filled with extensions I have used maybe a half dozen times. Usually I forget about them a few weeks after they are installed – mainly because they were reiterations of tools that were already publicly available. Never before have I encountered a tool as simple and unique as Domain Hunter Plus.

Here’s a scenario for you: You get a client who not only wants to, but *NEEDS* to rank for a pretty intense and broad term. They have an ugly site, almost no inbound links, a pitiful domain authority, zero content, no PR team, and no real reason why anyone would link to them… basically, a nightmare. Instead of going through the usual second rate link building tactics, like sub-par directories, blog comments and article submissions – you can use DHS to find expired domains that have link juice and are related to the client’s site. Businesses shut down, websites get forgotten – it’s just the nature of the web. Not everyone is hording links and 301’ing their last venture into their new site. With DHS you can pinpoint and easily buy old sites that are relevant to your client, build them up and put in whatever content and links you want.


Buying and building up older related sites, hosting them on different servers and ip addresses and having them link to your client’s site can get some pretty powerful results. Some people in the industry like using a service like Name Jet to find and purchase established domains, but with DHS, the need for services like Name Jet is a thing of the past. Just head over to an older, respected directory in your clients space and scan the relevant pages for domains you are interested in. DHS reports back to you with an easily exportable list of every available domain.

I love this tool. There are a ton of Chrome extensions that are going to help you find broken links, but none that show you which domains are available for purchase. Domain Hunter Plus is a game changer, plain and simple!


Adam Henige

Adam Henige is Managing Partner of Netvantage SEO. Adam heads the SEO and link building efforts for Netvantage and has been a contributing blogger for industry publications like Search Engine Journal and Moz.

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