What Does The New Facebook Pages Upgrade Mean For Businesses?

Facebook gave Facebook Pages a much-needed overhaul earlier today by introducing an array of new features, many of which will provide businesses with better ways to use Facebook to the fullest. Although most of the changes will excite social media admins, others may be met with opposition: the absence of the favored Static FBML Box tab for Page customization and Facebook’s new ability to list posts in order of relevancy rather than chronologically. Overall though, the Pages makeover fixes a whole host of issues that we’ve taken note of before in the past. Take a look at some of the new features and how they will make it easier for your business to use Facebook:

Enhanced Communication

  • Switch Between Admin Access and Personal Account Access

Ever want to “Like” a Page’s post, but couldn’t because you were an admin? The new Facebook Pages fixes this problem by allowing users to post and view Pages from their personal user profile and as an administrator. If you manage multiple pages or have various clients, you can easily switch between accounts with the click of a button.

  • Interact With Other Facebook Pages

Ever see a business utilize a personal Facebook Profile Page as their business page so that they could interact with users and other businesses on Facebook? Despite Facebook’s condemnation of this practice in its terms and conditions, “personal” business pages were popping up all over Facebook. The new Facebook Pages addresses this issue by allowing Pages to comment, like, and post on the walls of other Pages by inviting you to “Use Facebook As” your page.

  • Feature Other Businesses on Your Page

Facebook now gives you the ability to play nice with other businesses. Pages can now decide what other pages they “Like” and have them show up on their page. Have a whole host of Facebook Pages for different divisions of your business or institution? You can now link them together by featuring your related Pages.

  • Showcase Photos

Photos now can be found front and center on the Facebook Page interface. Businesses might use this feature to get creative with customization.

  • Link Your Page to Twitter

Once a third party app, Facebook now allows you to sync your Facbook account to Twitter straight from the dashboard.

Easier to Manage

  • Receive Updates and Notifications

Facebook allows for account admins to receive notifications of comments, new likes, and to see stories from other pages that your business likes.

  • Easier Navigation

Facebook makes it easier for businesses to navigate and edit Pages by placing all navigation links on the left.


Some Other Things That Have Changed

As with any alteration to the Facebook features, there are bound to be a few glitches and things people don’t take to immediately. As such, users have already taken to Facebook’s official page to file complaints. Among the most mentioned is that Facebook now has the ability to control the order in which status updates are viewed.

Overall, Facebook has done some great things with this upgrade, but will most certainly have to address issues as users get a feel for the new Pages. We’ll keep you posted on the ways we’ve found to leverage the new features to maximize results for your business. For more on the changes, visit the Facebook Page. Over and out.

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