We can get your chiropractor business back on top

After taking time and money to hire someone to build a new website for your chiropractic business, the least it should be able to do in return is send you more business. As a chiropractor, you understand the importance of getting a return on your investment. The same idea should be applied to your website – it should be providing you a higher ROI. Most website designers are great at building your chiropractic site, but don’t know as much when it comes to SEO for chiropractors. However, Netvantage SEO is a chiropractor SEO agency and SEO is our sole focus and it’s what we execute best. This narrow focus allows our team to stay up to date on the latest happenings and SEO trends to provide you with up to date actionable recommendations that drive real world results. See how we can help your practice not only improve search engine rankings but also gain new clients.

Why is Netvantage the best choice for SEO services for chiropractors?

Choosing the best chiropractic SEO agency can be tedious when you have multiple sales pitches being thrown your way from a multitude of different companies promising you guaranteed results. At Netvantage, we set ourselves apart from the rest by not being aggressive salespeople. We’re also not afraid of letting you take a peek behind the scenes to see what is really going on. Even though you may not know a lot about chiropractic SEO or search engine rankings, we are happy to sit down with you one-on-one to better explain what exactly it is that we’re doing and where your marketing dollars are being effectively spent.

The truth is most “SEO companies” will have a bunch of other services listed on their website. We ONLY do search marketing, and it makes a difference. While a “jack-of-all-trades” company probably makes the majority of their money designing websites, they likely don’t have many, or any, staff members who focus on SEO. This means that when they do your SEO you’re likely getting tactics that Google has long since moved on from. Our team knows what’s happening right now and puts that knowledge to work for you.

Let's talk about metrics

When you start a new project or make changes to a website, how will you know if what you did actually worked or not? You need metrics! However, we all fall short of tracking measurements. But why? As a chiropractor who is spending money on your website for SEO, you should have a few key metrics in mind that are tracked regularly to monitor improvements. If you’re not measuring anything, you’ll really never know whether you’re getting results for your money. Our team at Netvantage makes it a top priority in the first stages of our SEO audit to identify these key metrics that should be consistently measured for your chiropractic website. These items can include:

  • Contact forms completed
  • Downloads of forms
  • Appointments scheduled
  • Phone calls
  • Requests for driving directions
  • Overall website traffic and traffic from search engines
  • Search engine rankings for target keywords

As we work with you, we will compile a detailed monthly report that highlights key metrics that will clearly show your progress as well as new trends or opportunities we might find.

We’re respected in the SEO world

Our staff has industry experience and our knowledge has been shared via contributions to industry leading SEO blogs including Moz.com and Search Engine Journal. Our company has been on the frontlines of SEO since 2008 and we have even created SEO tools used by thousands of SEOs such as our Domain Hunter Plus Google Chrome extension. Not to brag, but there aren’t many chiropractor SEO companies that have a resume as impressive as ours.

How is chiropractic website SEO done?

The truth is, SEO isn’t the most difficult job in the world and you don’t need to be a genius to succeed at it. It comes down to whether you have enough time to learn the strategies and tactics and have the time and ability to implement them. But, if you’re like most chiropractors, your day is spent running your practice and you don’t have a lot of free time to spend becoming an SEO expert. That’s why so many businesses rely on us. Our process is uncomplicated, but at the same time it’s effective. Here are the main components of our SEO process at Netvantage:

Keyword research. Our team performs research to ensure your chiropractic business is aligned with how your potential new clients are searching for chiropractors and the health issues they’re struggling with. For a practice located in Michigan City, Indiana we’ll look at all the different ways someone may be searching for your services, with terms such as “chiropractor near me” or “chiropractor in Michigan City”. We’ll turn over every stone to find the best combination of keywords to target on each of your critical pages.

SEO audit. Once we have completed our initial keyword research, we can proceed with making our recommendations for every page on your website with the target keywords uncovered during our research. Changes can come in many forms, including adding new content, alternate meta data, or even adding new pages. We will also analyze technical aspects of your website to ensure that you’re meeting the stringent demands of the major search engines. These aspects can include site speed, structured data, crawl errors, and more.

Google My Business optimization. Have you ever searched for a business on Google and been directed to a map listing? All this data comes from Google My Business which is Google’s local business platform. Our staff will review your current listing and optimize it so that it meets Google’s local listing requirements.

Reviews. There have been many studies conducted regarding the impact of reviews. BrightLocal’s study in particular highlighted that 86% of consumers will look at reviews for a business while 40% of these consumers will go further to read all reviews posted within the past several weeks. For online consumers, reviews are the online equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing, making it crucial for your chiropractic business to regularly receive reviews. For example, search for your chiropractic practice on Google and have a look at:

  • The number of reviews you have
  • The recency of your reviews

Reviews that are recent can significantly contribute to the trustworthiness of your business. If your practice doesn’t have reviews, or very few reviews, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy to improve your numbers.

Citation building. Before showing local map listings, Google wants to know that the information they’re sharing about your chiropractic practice is accurate. Citations are one of the main components Google looks at across the web to ensure that your business’s name, address, and phone number are accurate. If this information is consistent when Google finds it around the web, it will improve your chances of ranking well in localized search results. However, if you have old addresses, phone numbers and/or an inconsistent name spread out across listings on Yelp and other online directories, our team will help you clean these up and restore Google’s confidence in this data.

Content development. It’s important to have content that is fresh and relevant to your chiropractic practice. This will help search engines such as Google and Bing develop trust in your website. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to content, our team can help create a unique content calendar for your practice that will be relevant to your visitors and will help you generate traffic. Keeping your blog up to date shows your visitors that you are in the loop with recent industry news and trends, while also giving you more high value content to drive more traffic to your site.

Link building. As mentioned above, search engines will trust your site more if there are links pointing at your site. We will work to find the best local directories and niche sites to list your business on along with continuously looking for new opportunities to gain additional links with the new content that we develop for your site.

Ongoing review and reporting. Each month we’ll provide your practice with a detailed report of the progress we’ve made with your site and identify areas that could still use improvement. We will also identify new opportunities that will better build your rankings, gain more traffic, and also send more patients to your chiropractic practice.

Are you ready to grow your practice?

If you are ready for a transparent and effective approach to SEO, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and walk you through what our SEO process looks like at Netvantage. We know that it can be a challenge to gain new patients at times with the competition within the industry. While referrals and word-of-mouth holds a degree of power for attracting new clients, it’s becoming increasingly more important to utilize the web to generate quality leads for your practice. Give us a call at 1-877-204-0234 or fill out the contact form below to send us an email.