Turn up the heat with HVAC SEO

Nothing is more frustrating as a small business owner than doing a search on Google and seeing your competitors on the top of the results. You’ve spent the money to build a nice website, how come customers can’t find it? Most likely, your web developer, for all of their design skills, doesn’t know the first thing about SEO. That’s where we come in. Our team strictly focuses on search marketing, that is the only service we provide.

That means all of our time and effort is spent researching and staying up to date on the best SEO tactics and practices for HVAC companies. This knowledge allows us to provide the best digital marketing services to your business and increase your search rankings to make sure more customers are finding you instead of your local competitors. Working with our HVAC SEO experts can change the course of your business.

Why partner with us?

HVAC companies get bombarded with emails and phone calls from online marketers and SEO companies pitching their services. It can be exhausting. That’s why we take a completely different approach with our clients. We don’t like dealing with pushy salespeople either, so we don’t give you the hard sell. Instead, we walk you through the steps of our process so you can understand what we do, why it works, and then let you decide. Once we begin our SEO work, you’ll find that we’re extremely transparent and flexible with how we work. We won’t rope you into long term contracts or lock down your Google accounts like some other SEO companies. More than anything, we treat our clients the way we want to be treated by our service providers.

If you’re not measuring, what’s the point?

As an HVAC professional, you already know the importance of measurements. The same applies to SEO in a sense that if there aren’t any measurements then how do you know if things are improving or functioning right? We make it a priority to record baseline and ongoing metrics so we can effectively track our progress. Depending on what your goal is and what we find in our SEO audit, a few examples of measurements that we might track include:

  • Contact forms completed
  • Downloads of forms
  • Appointments scheduled
  • Phone calls
  • Requests for driving directions
  • Overall website traffic and traffic from search engines
  • Search engine rankings for target keywords

Each month we will report these metrics and our key findings and recommendations. This will easily allow you to see whether there are improvements being made and help identify any areas of opportunity for us to act upon.

The components of HVAC SEO

Our staff at Netvantage has contributed to well-known and popular SEO publications including Moz.com and Search Engine Journal because we’ve been on the front lines of SEO for more than a decade. We’ve even developed popular tools used by other SEOs like our Domain Hunter Plus extension for Google Chrome. How many other HVAC SEO companies have this kind of street cred?

How HVAC website SEO is done

If you’re not familiar with how SEO works, here are different components of the services that we offer in a typical HVAC SEO project.

SEO audit. This is where we start each engagement. We do research to find the best keywords to target in your local area and then do a full audit of your site’s content and make recommendations to make sure you’re using the right language in the right locations. We also do a full technical audit of the site to make sure there aren’t any coding or speed issues that are holding your site back.

Google My Business optimization. Each Google map listing consists of the data that you can control from your Google My Business listing. We’ll make sure you verify ownership of this account and set it up correctly to appear in Google’s local searches.

Ongoing review and reporting. At the conclusion of each month, we’ll provide you with a report showing your traffic, rankings, and key metrics. We’ll also keep an eye out for new keyword opportunities and other ways to further optimize your site and build your visibility and traffic.

Content development. In the eyes of Google and other search engines, it’s extremely important to have high-quality content. Our team can work with you to assist in creating new content, or fully manage the process for you. Fresh content will let anyone who visits your site know that you stay up to date on the HVAC industry’s latest trends and news.

Citation building. As a local HVAC business, it’s critical that information about your business is correct around the web. Citations are an SEO term for places that list your business’s name, address, and phone number. Our team has a toolset to track down incorrect versions of your business name, phone number, and address to find and fix them so that potential customers and search engines are finding trustworthy information.

Link building. Google will have more trust in your website if there are other trustworthy sites linking to it. We will go through and assess the current links you have and also identify any other high-quality places that we can acquire links from. In the end, this increases the trustworthiness of your site and will improve your site’s ability to rank above your competitors.

Get started with us today

We understand that running an HVAC business is a lot of work. So why try to learn SEO in what little spare time you have? Let us help you understand our SEO process and how it can help grow your business. Give us a call at 1-877-204-0234 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch.