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There are a lot of ways to approach search engine marketing and every SEO likely goes about optimizing a website in different ways. Due to this, some SEO tactics can be overlooked. Read on to learn about commonly overlooked SEO items to prevent your business from making them.

Internal linking is one SEO tactic that I have found is often ignored on customer’s websites. It’s either that the site has no internal links, or the site is using poor anchor text for their internal links. Internal linking can be valuable for SEO purposes by emphasizing which pages are relevant for which keywords to search engines. There is an art to internal linking with general rules to follow. Find out why this simple SEO tactic is important and how to link effectively here. Adam HenigeAbbey Hadar
One of the easiest, and sometimes most effective, SEO tactics people fail to use is leveraging personal relationships for link building. Especially for small business owners, there’s a good chance you work with many other small businesses and know their owners. Leveraging these websites to share testimonials or guest posts on blogs is an incredibly easy way to snag some high value, low effort links. Adam HenigeAdam Henige
Image sizes…because it affects page load speed…which affects rankings. Your website images need to be of adequate size and resolution so that they look good on your website, but they can’t be oversized because that will end up making your pages load slowly. Usually, clients err on the side of “too big.” I see clients’ websites all the time that have these gorgeous 3,000 pixels 200 dpi images as large banners…and the pics look amazing….and they are a couple of megabytes each…which is no bueno. Compress all of your images to take as little space on possible while retaining enough resolution to be aesthetically pleasing. Also, investigate new image compression technologies like WebP (which is recommended by Google). That can save you loads of space and get your pages popping up in browsers lickety-split. Jerod KaramJerod Karam
I feel that many people overlook the tool of Google Search Console. This can be such a valuable tool that is as easily installed as Google Analytics. Clients often times don’t know it exists, or have heard of it and are intimidated by it. This tool can allow you to detect crawl errors or issues with your site. In addition, it can provide very useful marketing data. Evaluating search data for impressions shows market demand for specific keywords variation, providing another data point for keyword research. Evaluating positional trend data and click-through rates can also guide SEO priorities. Finally, evaluating page data in Google Search Console may lend insight on which pages to edit for specific keyword ranking opportunities. Joe FordJoe Ford
I think that an SEO tactic that’s often overlooked is adding image alt tags. It’s such a simple thing to do yet so many images you find out there have no alt tags in place or if they do, they aren’t relevant to the actual image being shown. Image alt tags are important because they help Google understand what the image is. Not only this, but its main purpose is to provide an alternative description of an image to people who are visually impaired. Kelli KaufmanKelli Kaufman
In my opinion, a website’s mobile-usability is often overlooked. It is common for SEOs to run a site through Google’s mobile-friendly test, but just because it passes the test doesn’t mean it is easy to use. It is important to actually test out a site to make sure it is user-friendly. If the site is difficult to use, it could possibly lead to a higher bounce rate and low dwell time, which are both important RankBrain factors. Lexie KimballLexie Kimball
Sitemaps. SEOs often spend a lot of time editing on-page SEO elements like meta data, headers, and body copy, but often overlook critical issues with a sitemap, which typically do not take much time to fix. Does the website have a sitemap? Are there any missing pages that should be in the sitemap? Are all pages in the sitemap 200 status? Are any pages being blocked by the robots.txt file? It’s easy to find answers to these questions – just go to the Sitemaps tab in Google Search Console. Michael HallMichael Hall

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