Search Scoop: Week of August 17th

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Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam HenigeThis article selected by:
Adam Henige
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Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015 — Once a year Moz unleashes their research on search ranking factors and here they are for 2015. Grab a donut and put on your thinking cap before diving into this.
Emily ClemonsThis article selected by:
Emily Clemons
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Takeaway from Google’s New Local 3-Pack: Go Niche, Young Man! — Local Visibility System advises more niche keywords as a tactic to combat Google’s new local 3-pack, while also looking at Google’s covert AdWords push.
Jerod KaramThis article selected by:
Jerod Karam
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Share Chrome with other people — If you’re anything like me, you need to be signed in to 3 or 4 Google accounts at the same time. Previously, you had to sign out of one and sign in to the next. Now with the addition of “Persons” to Chrome, you can be multiple Google users at the same time (in different browser windows). Huge time saver!
Joe FordThis article selected by:
Joe Ford
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PPC Ads Not Performing? Reduce Cognitive Load — This is an excellent article on how users mentally process ads and how to test for using white space in those ads.
Lexie KimballThis article selected by:
Lexie Kimball
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Bing Traffic: Referral, Organic…or Both? — Notice a drop in organic traffic from Bing? This article explains the reason why. Hint, it has to do with “not provided” traffic.
Michael HallThis article selected by:
Michael Hall
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Click Study: The New 3 Pack & Where Users Are Clicking — With Google making the switch from the 7 pack to the 3 pack format, many people wondered how it will impact CTR for local listings, organic listings, paid listings, and everything else. This click test study helps answer that question and has some surprising results.

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