Search Scoop: Week of April 13th

Happy Monday! We hope our readers are staying safe and healthy. Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
The Link Building Book —  I haven’t had a chance to deep dive this yet, but Paddy Moogan is definitely someone’s ideas I’ve used in the past for link building, especially widgets back in the day. Intrigued to see him give away a giant novel on link building, this should be good.

Jerod Karam
5 Compelling Reasons Why I Ditched My Office For A Coworking Space — I work for our company remotely which means I’m typically working alone at my house instead of being in an office with others. While I usually don’t mind this setup, there have been times when I’ve considered investigating coworking spaces for the very reasons outlined in this article. Perhaps I’ll take the plunge this time…but not until after the CDC clears everyone to head back out after the end of this pandemic…  

Joe Ford
8 takeaway for B2B advertisers in the time of COVID-19 —  Search Engine Land assembled a panel of extremely strong PPC experts to discuss shifts in B2B marketing and data strategy during the COVID-19 crisis. When these people speak, I listen.

Kelli Kaufman
A 10-step Checklist for Creating Killer Content — Now is a good time to focus on putting the time and effort needed into creating killer content that attracts more users to your site. Not sure how to get started? This article is a great resource for taking steps to create captivating content for your target audience.

Lexie Kimball
How to Consolidate Your Website Content For Solid SEO Growth — There is such a thing as too many pages on a website. If you think your website might fall into that category, check out this article to learn which pages to delete, which to consolidate and more.

Michael Hall
Internal Linking: A Guide to Building a Strategy that Works — Assessing your site’s internal links should be done on a regular basis. There are often many quick and simple opportunities to help give your priority pages a boost. This article from SEMrush explains the types of internal links, how to audit your site’s internal links, and how to build your internal linking strategy.

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