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Search Scoop Logo April 7Happy Monday! In Netvantage news, Managing Partner Joe Ford visited his Alma Mater last week to share tips and tactics for paid search campaigns with undergraduate students. He presented to students in the MSU Telecommunications program who are currently participating in the Google Marketing Challenge.


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Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Negative Domain Research Part 1 – Anchor Text Segmentation –  Your rankings are suffering, but you don’t know why? Well, it could be your links and how you’re being linked to. We love using Majestic SEO here at Netvantage, and this is an excellent primer on how you can identify potentially harmful anchor text links using their tool.

6 Ways to Spot Bad PPC Advice – A great article from one of Managing Partner Joe Ford’s favorite PPC gurus, Melissa Mackey. It points out typical ignorant scare tactics used by people who think they know how to talk about paid search. It especially touches on one of his favorite topics, broad match keywords.

10 Blogging Tips That Increase Shares & Engagement – Are you not getting much out of your blog posts? Then check out these tips to help make your blog posts noteworthy enough to be shared on social media!

How You Can Create Content That Generates 40,000 Target Visitors – A great take on how to create successful content by building on what’s already worked for others in the past. The article includes plenty of examples, tools and methods to help you create excellent content ideas, and then helps you with some guidance for getting the word out about your content.

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