Search Scoop: Week of February 17th

Happy Monday! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
Raising the stakes on product category pages — Aleyda Solis gives some actionable insights as to the best ways to structure category pages and maximize their ability to thrive in SERPs.

Elyse Motte
Position Zero Is Dead; Long Live Position Zero — Google has made some changes to its featured snippets. Before this change, websites that made it into the featured snippet would also be listed on the first page results where they organically ranked. Now, if they appear in the featured snippet, they will not be listed organically on the first page. Interesting.

Jerod Karam
A new Senate bill would create a US data protection agency — There was a big fuss & flurry surrounding the EU’s GDPR last year. Not causing quite so much fuss was the UK’s version of the same law…and Canada’s version…and California’s version…and Australia’s upcoming version… It’s about time we had a general consumer data protection law at the US Federal level. Call your Senator and tell him/her to vote yes on this…or get busy making a better one!

Joe Ford
New chart annotations make Google Ads’ change history reports much easier to navigate — Finally! An easier way to view and use changes in Google Ads. Now we can see the Change History for accounts that are notched in the model that is used within Google Analytics. This will be a far easier way to digest changes and their impacts visually.

Kelli Kaufman
Employee Generated Content: The Big Daddy of All Content Creation Techniques — Is employee-generated content the next new wave of ideas for your company’s blog? It’s definitely worth checking out the stats that stand behind this type of content and the power it has over consumers.

Lexie Kimball
A Major Hollywood Studio Turns to SEO to Boost Ticket Sales — If a movie isn’t doing well at the box offices, it usually would get pulled and quickly released to DVD to make some money. Now, you change the movie title to help it be more searchable.

Michael Hall
VIDEO: SEO in 2020: It Hasn’t Changed (Much) — Google released three major core algorithm updates in 2019, so what are SEOs doing differently in response to these updates? The answer – not that much. The overall methods for doing well in SEO in 2020 is similar to 2019. This video covers this topic in detail.

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