Search Scoop: Week of July 28th

Happy Monday! If you didn’t celebrate National Junk Food Day last Monday, be sure to indulge in some milk chocolate today for National Milk Chocolate Day!

Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:



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Adam Henige
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A Review Handout Alternative: Try P&P To Get More Local Reviews — Getting reviews is an important piece of local SEO, but managing it can get a bit hairy. Greg Gifford’s postcard and page method solves many of these management headaches.
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Andrea Barnes
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SEO 101: The 5 Parts of Your Site You Should Keyword Optimize — Last week we learned about the strategies in keyword research for SEO newbies. Now let’s move forward and find out what to do with these keywords. Let’s have author Lisa Toner talk about the five important parts of a website that you should keyword optimize, without incurring the wrath of Google’s algorithm updates.
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Joe Ford
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13 Reasons Branded PPC Campaigns Are Beneficial For B2B Brands — We often encounter the question of whether or not to bid on a branded search term. Is it worth it to bid on your company’s name when you are already coming up at the top organically? Harrison Jones acutely lays out some compelling reasons as to why it may be worth it to bid on your own name. His context is in a B2B environment, but I think it can also apply to other sectors.
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Lexie Kimball
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How to Create People-Powered Content That Works for Your Brand — Content marketing has taken off recently, but if it isn’t done right, it won’t benefit your brand. Take a look at how to engage your social media fans with content marketing in this article by Jennifer Swartley.
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Michael Hall
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HARO Hurrah — A HARO Case Study, Guide & Tips — HARO is a great tool for either assembling a great piece of content for your site, or getting your name (and a link) on a high quality and relevant website. Steve Morgan has got the hang of HARO, and provides some advice for anyone who may find it beneficial.

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