Search Scoop: Week of July 7th

Happy Monday! We hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend!

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Michael Hall
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How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics — Brian Dean of Backlinko shows how easy it can be to create a high quality infographic that can be linked to from many different domains. Best part of his process in my opinion is step #4 – You’ve gotta provide some kind of added value to really get great content to take off.
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Lexie Kimball
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Facebook to Users: You Can Unfollow Pages — The drop in organic reach on Facebook has been bothersome to a lot of page administrators, but it looks like things might get worse. Facebook is testing a popup that reminds user they can unfollow a page right from their news feed instead of having to visit the page. This will allow users to remove unwanted posts from their news feed, but could be the culprit of an even bigger drop in organic reach for some pages.
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Joe Ford
Danger Ahead: 8 Dodgy SEM Agency Practices You Need to Be Aware Of — Nice recap from our friends down under on what to look out for from SEM agencies that are not performing up to par. This is a good summary of what to be mindful of when mining for an SEM firm to work in your campaigns!
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Adam Henige
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Former Googler: Links That Change Are Trusted Less By Google’s Algorithms — While Google cracks down on overoptimized site, a former Googler gives you some possible reason to pause before going hog wild changing all of your anchor text (though, in most of my experience, this works just fine).
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Andrea Barnes
Google Toolbar Pagerank Update History — Don’t get too excited–Google has not made any PageRank (PR) updates since December 2013. And even if it did, does PR really matter that much in terms of search engine rankings? Author Shaun Anderson explains this and gives great strategies in determining your entire site’s PR and what to do with your score.

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