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Michael Hall
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Meta Elements: A Beginners Guide — Meta tags are one of the most influential and under-optimized factors that influence search engine rankings. WooRank put together a great guide on the types of meta elements, how useful each is for SEO, and is a great go to for anyone looking to upgrade their site’s meta elements.
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Lexie Kimball
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Facebook Fan Pages: Uploading Photos vs Creating a Photo Album — Question: Is it better to upload multiple photos or create a photo album on a Facebook page? Answer: It depends! Each option has its pros and cons, which Liz Jostes highlights in this article. 
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Joe Ford
Melissa Mackey on the Future of B2B Paid Search — Melissa Mackey is one of our favorites to follow here at Netvantage. Not only is she one of the industry’s most foremost thought leaders, so also is a proud Michigan State alum! Here is an interview she did this past week on the future of paid search. 
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Adam Henige
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Google My Business: New Tools for Small Business Owners — So…Google My Business is here. Is this a meaningful innovation in local search or just a new coat of paint on existing functionality. Read and decide…or better yet, login yourself and get in on the conversation.
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Andrea Barnes
5 Ways to Create Findable Content Without Keyword Stuffing — Keyword in the title, keyword in the headline, keyword in the description, keyword everywhere! Google has always talked about how they exist to serve the users, not SEO, how about you do the same? Author Tad Chef talks about the bigger picture and findability not only on search engines, but also on your own site and on social media.

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