Search Scoop: Week of June 8th

Happy Monday! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence: Do They Matter for SEO? — Learn the differences between co-citations and co-occurrence and how you can use them to succeed in the age of BERT and Rankbrain.

Jerod Karam
Americans want an internet bill of rights to protect their online data — The EU put into place GDPR. Canada recently enacted PIPEDA. Australia is following suit and even California has taken a step towards protecting its citizens with the CCPA. It’s ever more apparent that our country needs overarching consumer data privacy laws. It’s also apparent that the citizens of our country are interested in the same. Let’s get this rolling. Let’s pass legislation that protects our privacy and actually properly punishes companies like Equifax (and many others) that play fast and loose with our personal information.

Joe Ford
How to use Google Ads Explanations to understand performance changes — Google Ads is testing a new feature called “Explanations”. This is a new script designed to provide insights on larger campaign shifts and changes. Metrics are going to be provided with data stamps on normal reporting data points like changes in conversions, impressions, etc. But what may be interesting is the insights into search auction and competitive data. This is still in beta rollout.

Kelli Kaufman
How to Win the Google Answer Box → The Ultimate Guide — Sure, having a good ranking is great but ranking at “position zero” in one of Google’s answer boxes can lead even more traffic to your site. This article does a great job of walking you through the entire process of nudging your way into one of these coveted positions.

Lexie Kimball
6 steps to creating testimonials that drive sales (and don’t suck) — We often encourage clients to increase the number of reviews on Google My Business or Facebook, but it is important to think beyond these platforms. A testimonial page is a great addition to help build trust with a new audience. Check out Hotjar’s guide to help you create a beneficial testimonial page.

Michael Hall
Best SEO Tools curated by Saijo George — Probably the best and most complete list of SEO tools that I’ve ever come across. Far too many to check out in one sitting. However, if you need a new rank tracking tool, for example, you can find a great list right here.

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