Search Scoop: Week of May 11th

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Adam Henige
Adam Henige
Sites Impacted By The Google May 2020 Core Update In A Big Way — Another Google May algorithm update, more effusive praise/complaining from SEOs of all stripes. I find the comparative algorithm tracking graphs quite interesting to view all at once. Interesting how much more flux some of these tools show more than others. How did your site fare?

Jerod Karam
Google Meet video conferencing is now free for anybody — I never knew the company or product “Zoom” before this whole damn “Bat Flu” (SARS-CoV-2) showed up…now everyone and their mother wants to have a “Zoom Cocktail Hour” with me (aren’t I popular…). Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, the Zoom platform is a security nightmare. It’s basically like taking every rule of privacy, doing the opposite, and then saying, “Yeah…that looks good. Let’s go with that.” Well now Google is upping its game by offering Google Meet for free to all-comers. Of course, Google has its own set of limitations and privacy concerns…but maybe go with the evil you know? Just another option… 

Joe Ford
Alphabet stock rises more than 7% as ad slowdown turns out to be less than feared — I was paying close attention to how Alphabet, the parent company of Google, performed in Q1 of this year given this current crisis. Search revenue did slow in March, but engagement numbers in YouTube were up. Which begs the question, will CPVs in YouTube for marketers start rising?

Kelli Kaufman
10 Ways SEO will lead companies through COVID-19 business recovery — The past few months have been especially hard on small businesses in terms of sales. No people coming into physical stores can force business owners to crash and burn or quickly create a plan. SEO can be the long term plan to help pull small businesses out of this time.

Lexie Kimball
A Link Building Checklist to Earn More & Better Links — Link building is crucial to SEO success. Building links is no easy task though. Use this guide to help you make sure you didn’t miss any easy link targets and help you come up with creative ideas for more links.

Michael Hall
The 7 Worst Link Building Myths Holding Back Your Campaign — These are a few of the most widely circulated myths around link building at the moment. Being aware of these misconceptions will help ensure that your link building campaigns are not being held back from potential opportunities.

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