Search Scoop: Week of May 12th

Search Scoop Week of May 12 Happy Birthday to us! Today marks Netvantage’s 6th birthday! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

6 Reasons Why You Must Monitor Your Website’s Links — Building strong backlinks is important for the success of your website’s rankings, but it isn’t simply enough to build backlinks. Keeping an eye on your website’s backlinks is just as important and this article explains why.

The Perfect Length of Everything Online — Marketers and content creators generally focus on one thing—the content. But according to research, the length of the content is also a driving factor in achieving a higher engagement rate from the audience. Twitter has a length restriction of 140 characters, but what does research say about the ‘ideal’ tweet length? How long (or short) should our Facebook, Google+, and blog posts be? This article answers these questions, as well as gives the ideal length of title tags and domain names to guide SEO.

Scalable Link Building Campaigns, Processes & Workflow — If nothing else Jon Cooper is comprehensive. His collection of link building tactics is second to none and this blog post on the entirety of a link building campaign is an excellent tutorial for anyone looking at scaling their link building work.

The Google Penalty Recovery Panel – 7 SEO Experts Share Their Thoughts — Quite a few interesting tips from SEO pros on dealing with a Google penalty. They answer tough questions that come up in the process like What to do about sites that request payment for removal, how to know if a site is beyond repair, and how to craft a successful reconsideration request.

How Can Good PPC Managers Become Great PPC Managers? — One of Managing Partner Joe Ford’s favorite sayings, which he learned from a wise client, is “WDGLL” or “What does good look like?” Taking it a step further – what does great look like? He always strives to be the best PPC manager for our clients, but it can be challenging at time when balancing campaigns. This article does a ncie job of identifying the habits of great PPC managers versus good ones.

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