Search Scoop: Week of May 19th

Search Scoop Week of May 19Happy Monday! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Top Five Local SEO Myths — And Truths — Local SEO is its own animal, and like any other aspect of search there are a lot of misconceptions about what works, how it works, and why it works. Chris Marentis does a nice job here of separating the truth from the fiction.

Building A Great PPC Account Structure — Here is a great set of Q and As on building a strong PPC account structure. The best part, each question has multiple answers and suggestions from some of the best PPC managers in the industry.

Social Signals are NOT an SEO Ranking Factor — Do social signals influence SEO? Does Google use them as a ranking factor? Short answer, no, but there are plenty of indirect SEO benefits that social media provides and may provide in the future. Brent Carnduff explains in detail with insight from several other SEO’s.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review — One must-have for amateur bloggers is the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. There’s a reason why this plugin has been downloaded more than eight million times; it can improve your website’s SEO and guide you to write more SEO-friendly content. If you’re struggling to increase your page views, have a look at the key features and benefits of Yoast.

A New Social Contact — If you only ever read one article about social media, this is the one. The article provides readers with an eye opening view on how brands use social media.

17 Untapped Backlink Sources  — An article sharing some less used backlinking strategies, including our very own Domain Hunter+!


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