Search Scoop: Week of May 25th

Happy Memorial Day! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
How Google SERP Layouts Affect Searching Behavior — With all of the different variations of the Google SERP available today this data is extremely interesting as 20 participants’ behavior was closely measured to see what they looked at, where they clicked, and how deeply they interacted. The big takeaway? Featured snippets greatly impact where users click.

Jerod Karam
How to make your own personal VPN in under 30 minutes — If you are worried about prying eyes and don’t trust commercial VPN providers, this is a good alternative–a roll-your-own VPN solution. I don’t use a VPN as often as I should but it’s always in the back of my mind…

Joe Ford
Remarketing Playbook: 8 Types of Remarketing You Should Be Doing — Customer segmentation in remarketing is critically important. Don’t just have a blanket audience for your users!

Kelli Kaufman
How To Reach Out To Influencers So They Can’t Say No — Diving into influencer marketing during this time to get your product out there? Here’s a complete guide to follow if you want to get your product in the hands of an influencer without them saying no. Spend your marketing budget wisely and receive a great ROI with influencer marketing.

Lexie Kimball
What Are Meta Descriptions and How to Write Them — Back to basics with this article. Learn what meta descriptions are and then how to write them for both your audience and Google.

Michael Hall
How Optimizes for Branded Search Traffic — When SEOs talk about increasing traffic via organic search, they’re usually talking about non-branded searches. However, a huge part of a site’s organic search engine traffic comes from branded searches. You may be ranking #1 for those keywords, but if your competitors do a good job of optimizing for your keywords, then you may be seeing lower CTRs and below average user engagement numbers for your branded keywords.

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