Search Scoop: Week of November 11th

Happy Monday! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
Update or delete? Cleaning up old content on your site — To update or delete…that is the question. This post from Yoast helps you decide what stays and what goes.

Elyse Motte
Why the University of Arizona changed its abbreviation for SEO — The University of Arizona has made some big changes for SEO purposes. The institution is commonly referred to as ‘UA’ but so is Under Armour, United Airlines, and the University of Alabama. Organically, the University of Arizona was ranking below all of these big names, so they have changed their SEO efforts from UA to UArizona.

Jerod Karam
Native Lazy-Loading for WordPress —  Look! I’m not making a blog post about security or data backups! Markdown this day in history! Still…technical web stuff. Fancy easy new plugin to make your website faster via lazy-loading. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan to do so today. Maybe I’ll write about it or something.

Joe Ford
Microsoft Advertising unveils interface redesign — We don’t talk a lot about Bing and Microsoft Advertising, but I am starting to use it for more and more clients. The key reason is that the interface continues to get better and better. Additionally, they just launched another facelift which appears to be very comparable to Google Ads.

Kelli Kaufman
5 Things You Should Know About “People Also Ask” & How to Take Advantage — As we usually focus on being featured in the answer box, there is also benefit from being in the “People Also Ask” (PAA) section of Google. This is just an interesting read to learn more about the PAA section of Google and the different ways you can take advantage of it from an SEO standpoint.

Lexie Kimball
5 SEO and Content Trends That Will Be Worth Your Time & Focus in 2020 — With 2020 quickly approaching, it is important to stay on top of trends in the ever-evolving search engine marketing industry. This article is a great starting point to develop your 2020 SEO and content strategy.

Michael Hall
How to Use Relevant, Targeted Directories for Link Building — Using online directories for link building is nothing new, but have you ever stopped to think why exactly Google trusts web directories and why they provide SEO value after all of these years? This article summarizes the three main reasons why users (and as a result Google) use relevant, targeted directories to find information about businesses.

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