Search Scoop: Week of October 12th

Happy Columbus Day! Anyone with the day off, we hope you enjoy it!

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Adam HenigeThis article selected by:
Adam Henige
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11 Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links — I always love practical posts, particularly when they provide tangible items for tough link building niches. Local link building in particular can be a tough road, but these tips will get your creative juices flowing.
Emily ClemonsThis article selected by:
Emily Clemons
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Know Thy Enemy: Local SEO & The Art of War — Columnist Marcus Miller creates an uncommon comparison between local search marketing and the ancient Chinese book The Art of War, illustrating how some military strategies can be applied to SEM plans today.
Jerod KaramThis article selected by:
Jerod Karam
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Page Ranking and Search Engines — This video on how search engines do their job is a bit basic and many SEO’s might know this already. However, if you don’t know it, this type of explanation will give you a good insight into how & why your content is or is not ranking. If you want a bit more detail about the history and nitty-gritty of how search algorithms do their job, watch this video. (Please forgive this dude for bobbing his head like a pigeon on crank.)
Joe FordThis article selected by:
Joe Ford
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8 Super-Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats Revealed at SMX East — SMX East was in New York City recently and this article gave out some really fascinating data nuggtets on search, mobile and digital marketing. The largest takeaway for me – the 72% of consumers doing a local search and following up with a visit. Not that this was surprising but more in the fact that you need to make sure you are designing your local PPC campaigns for an actual site visit.
Lexie KimballThis article selected by:
Lexie Kimball
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Blog SEO: befriend the long tail! — Author Marieke van de Rakt says it all with the title of her blog post. SEOers it’s time to embrace the long tail keywords, especially for blog posts. Long tail keywords can help you reach an audience you were missing before. Google WMT is a great place to start looking for long tail keyword ideas.
Michael HallThis article selected by:
Michael Hall
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How to Find the Best Content Ideas in 6 Easy Steps — Great post on how to use easy to access data to find content ideas based on popular long tailed keywords. I love the Who, How, Why, Where, When, Which advanced search query to find Q&A content.

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