5 Tips For Twitter SEO Optimization

Back in 2015, Google and Twitter formed a partnership where Google gained full access to Twitter’s information stream called “the firehouse.” Google is all about finding information fast and Twitter has quickly become a top information source too. You can take advantage of this partnership by utilizing Twitter to improve your SEO.

With over 300,000 tweets per minute, people regularly hear about something first from Twitter. I’m sure you’ve seen tweets or Twitter accounts featured in SERPs when searching for something specific. Here are some tips to help optimize your Twitter account for SEO.

Use keywords in tweets

As SEO marketers, we all know the importance of keywords. Use the whole 140 characters to your advantage and try to integrate your website’s keywords, if it goes with what you’re tweeting about. This can help your tweet show up in search results for topics that people are looking for. As you’ve heard before, think like the customer when using keywords. Try to use wording that a customer might be using. You can always turn your keywords into hashtags or integrate trending hashtags into your message.

Optimize your account information

Most Twitter users have had that problem where they were trying to find a business on Twitter by typing in their name, but their handle ended up being something completely unrelated. Try to make your handle your business name or some variation of it. Don’t use too many numbers because Google, and even other users, may think this looks spammy. Your username should be the official business name and the photo should be your logo. Update your bio to include relevant business information and you can even integrate keywords. Last profile tip: Always use a link from your website or blog as your profile link, which can bring in more visitors. Having a Twitter account that has all of your correct information can help you get verified. In turn, this can help you show up in search more often.

Don’t just tweet links from your website

This can also look spammy to Google. This means help others out by retweeting their content if it’s relevant to you. This helps you get more diversified content and it might help you get some retweets in the long run. Retweets are the key to Twitter success.

Make sure your tweets are re-tweetable

This includes spell-check and readability too. Try to keep your tweets around 120 characters for more re-tweets. Use URL shorteners like bit.ly to help maximize your character space. Don’t just tweet a link and say nothing, write a short message or a witty play on words. Twitter is a platform to bring out your brand’s essence and engage with customers. Every tweet counts.

Add your Twitter handle to your website

This might be a no-brainer, as most reputable brands have all of their social media handles on their websites nowadays. The easiest, and cleanest, way to do this is to add a Twitter button along with other social media buttons. This will give customers an easy, visual way to access your Twitter and connects your website to your account.

Checking Twitter’s analytics frequently will give you some insight on your most liked, re-tweeted, and impressionable tweets. This will help you continue to craft SEO-friendly tweets that can increase followers and traffic to your website.

Breanna Ratering

Breanna is an SEO Associate at Netvantage SEO, an online marketing company that specialized in SEO, PPC, and social media. At Netvantage, Breanna assists with social media outreach, website optimization and content creation. She is currently a senior, graduating in May 2018, studying Advertising and Public Relations at Michigan State University.

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