Content Marketing Ideas for Contractors: 101+ Blog Topics

Creating content can be grueling. One of the hardest parts is often time finding the right topic that your audience will connect with, while also fitting your brand. Once you find the topic, it is easier to put pen to paper, which is why we’ve created a list of content marketing ideas for contractors. Feel free to steal an idea or two for your construction blog!

1. The different types of contractors
2. What is construction management
3. How do you become a general contractor?
4. General contractor vs. architect
5. How much does a general contractor make?
6. Can a general contractor do electrical work?
7. Do general contractors do plumbing work?
8. What does a building contractor do?
9. Internship ideas for construction management
10. How to determine if your electrical work is outdated
11. How to find the right contractor
12. Signs your home needs a new roof
13. What are the different types of roof shingles?
14. What is the process for replacing a roof?
15. What are construction machines called?
16. Should you use a contractor without insurance
17. Construction management organizations
18. What is a subcontractor?
19. How to determine if a remodel is the right choice for your room/home
20. Why the construction industry needs more women
21. How does a construction contractor get their license
22. What to look for when hiring a contractor
23. Is an open floor concept right for your home
24. Kitchen remodel trends
25. Things to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom
26. How can I make my home more energy efficient?
27. How to finance a home remodel
28. How to look up a construction contractor’s license
29. Easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal
30. When do windows need to be replaced?
31. What not to fix when selling a house
32. How to remodel a room into a closet
33. Best primary suite renovation tips
34. Who should I hire for a home addition
35. How to install bathroom cabinets
36. How to anchor furniture to the wall
37. Energy-efficient home upgrades
38. How do construction loans work
39. What type of insulation should I use in my home?
40. How to tell if you have vermiculite insulation
41. What is the r-value?
42. Types of green insulation
43. Signs your home needs new insulation
44. Construction jobsite lingo
45. The history of the White House construction [Or any recognizable building]
46. How to clean your house after construction work
47. Should you buy a house under construction
48. How long does it take to build a house
49. What is frame construction?
50. What does a construction foreman do
51. When can construction workers start in the morning
52. Should I be concerned about asbestos in my home
53. How do residential and commercial contractors differ
54. Why are my home’s floors so cold in the winter?
55. Can I insulate my pole barn?
56. Signs it’s time for a new furnace
57. How to prepare your home for winter
58. How to soundproof a room
59. What does a whole house fan do?
60. The top construction management schools
61. Do I need a contractor to put a deck on my house
62. How much does it cost to build a house in [State]
63. Home addition construction timeline
64. What to consider when buying land for a new house
65. Hidden costs of building a home
66. How to survive a kitchen remodel
67. What to consider when designing a home office
68. Signs you need a new deck
69. How to save money when renovating [room]
70. Should I insulate my crawlspace?
71. How to know when it’s time for new siding
72. Safety tips for visiting a construction site
73. Choosing Colors for your home’s exterior
74. Ways to increase your home’s value
75. The best flooring options for your [room]
76. How to fix cracks in your foundation
77. Tips for removing wallpaper
78. Best paint colors for a whole house
79. Reasons you should consider a house addition
80. Where to drop off construction waste
81. How accurate is a construction estimate
82. What construction trucks will you see at your home site
83. What to do if there is water in your basement
84. How to calculate the cost of a remodel
85. What to look for when hiring a home inspector
86. How to fix a mold problem in your home
87. Bathroom remodel trends
88. Can I DIY a [room] remodel
89. How to remove a popcorn ceiling
90. What to consider when building a home gym
91. Is solar energy right for my home?
92. What are the benefits of an open floor plan
93. House on a lake: things to consider
94. House building tips for the [season]
95. Construction rebates
96. Different types of bathroom tiles
97. Best location for a swimming pool
98. How to read construction blueprints
99. How to read a soil test report for land
100. How to check house construction quality
101. When do you pay for a new construction home?

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