Everything You Need to Know About Threads

Facebook is the most used social media platform with nearly 40% of the world’s population active on it a month. But that does not stop new players from entering the game. The latest to join the game is Threads, which is owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. When Threads was launched on July 5th, it became the fastest-growing social media platform. Here’s what you should know about the platform.

What is Threads?

Threads is a social media app that is intertwined with Instagram accounts. At this time, only Instagram users can create a Threads account. Threads is also only available on iOS or Android devices.

Once you have created a Threads account, you can share and create posts that include text, photos and video. Users also have the ability to engage with other peoples’ posts by responding, liking, or reposting them.

Is Threads the same as Twitter?

While Threads and Twitter are two separate platforms, they do share a lot of similarities. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and chairman of Meta has pointed out that he wants to make sure Threads is a friendly space.

Some key differences between Threads and Twitter are the way the timeline displays posts. For Threads, the timeline is algorithmic meaning you see posts from other users you often engage with as well as posts Threads thinks you will like. Twitter has a chronological timeline showing you the most recent posts. Twitter has an additional timeline titled For You that does provide content they think will be of interest.

The other notable difference is the use of hashtags. Threads currently does not support searching by hashtag.

How long can a post be on Threads?

There is a 500-character limit per post on Threads. Links, photos and videos do not count toward the character limit. Additionally, a video has to be five minutes or shorter to be posted on Threads.

Does Threads use hashtags?

No hashtags are not used on Threads. Since hashtags are not a thing, Threads does not have a trending section that is popular on Twitter.

Can I search by topic on Threads?

Currently, the search function only populates other users on the platform. Users can not search by hashtag or topic to jump in on a conversation.

How many people are using Threads?

There is no significant data on how many people are actively using Threads. Sign-ups have been high, likely due to the ease of a linked Instagram account. In the first two hours alone, there were over 2 million sign-ups. Five days out from launch, the platform had over 100 million sign-ups.

Are brands using Threads?

Brands such as Amazon, Nike and Target have started to use Threads. Restaurants and celebrities are jumping on the platform as well. With Threads gaining popularity like it is, more brands and celebrities will likely flock to the platform.

Does Threads have ads?

Right now, brands and marketers do not have the option to post ads on Threads. But many social media platforms have started this way before they have added the option so it is likely just a matter of time before we see this option.

What user data is Threads tracking?

Like all social media platforms, Threads is gathering data about its users. This data will be beneficial if ads come to the platform. Some of the data Threads is collecting is:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Location
  • Search history
  • Financial information

Have you started using Threads? If so, tell us what you think about the platform!

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