Google Screened & Google Guaranteed: What’s the difference?

You might have noticed the addition of some green checkmarks in Google’s search results recently. While these badges have been around for a few years, businesses have started to acquire them more regularly, which is why you are likely seeing them more. These checkmarks are Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. So what are they and should your business try to get these checkmarks? Let’s take a closer look.

Google Screened

A local business with a green checkmark like the one below has gone through the Google Screened process. These companies have gone through background and licensing checks according to the Google Screened support page.

How does a company receive the Google Screened badge?

At the very least, a company must go through a business-level background check is completed as well as the business-owner going through a background check. Depending on the industry, there can be additional steps to receive the Google Screened badge. I would recommend visiting Google’s requirements by category to see what must be completed for your industry.

What industries can get the Google Screened badge?

Google Screened is only available for certain industries which include law, financial planning, and real estate.

Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed also includes background checks similar to Google Screened. The company’s reviews are also vetted during the Google Guaranteed process. If a company is certified Google Guaranteed and a customer is not happy with the work they booked through Local Service Ads, paid ads shown below, then they might be able to get their money back. The refund varies based on the country they are located in. In the United States, the refund does not exceed $2,000.

How does a company receive the Google Screened badge?

The screening process is started for Google Guaranteed when you sign up for Local Service Ads, a paid search option. A business goes through a similar screening process as Google Screened. The company’s business license status, insurance, and business reviews are all vetted. The owner goes through a background check as well as some employees depending on the industry.

What industries can get the Google Guaranteed badge?

Google Guaranteed is open to a larger number of industries. A few notable industries include appliance repair, auto glass and car repair, electricians, HVAC, lawn care, plumbers, and roofing. To view if your business industry is eligible in your area, check here.

What’s the difference between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed?

There are two significant differences between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. The first difference is the industries the badges are offered to. Like I stated above, Google Screened is available for law practices and lawyers, financial planners and realtors, and real estate agencies. While Google Guaranteed is not available to all industries, it isn’t as prestigious either. The second major difference is the money-back option available with Google Guaranteed. If a customer is unhappy with a service provided by a Google Guaranteed company, they can potentially get their money back. Again, Google requires that the service was booked through Local Service Ads. They also complete an investigation into the complaint before a customer can get their money back.

Should your company be Google Screened or Google Guaranteed?

The short answer, yes. It can’t hurt to have Google backing you when a customer is looking for your services. Both of the badge options are free and they give users peace of mind when they are looking for a quality company.

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