How Local SEO Can Benefit Roofing Companies

As the owner of a roofing business, you probably aren’t necessarily worried about your website rankings on a day to day basis. You have more important things to worry about like getting jobs completed on time and attracting new customers. However, you can get new leads and customers through your website and online presence. Local SEO can be the key to gaining a competitive edge, especially if you are in an area that is very saturated with other competition. Running your business is your main priority and you’re probably wondering what the heck is “local SEO” and is this really going to help out my business? Let’s find out!

What is local SEO?

As a roofer, you more than likely take jobs that are in a particular geographic area. You probably wouldn’t take a job that is across the country just to get the job done. For this reason, you want to attract potential jobs that are within the already established region that you work in. Local SEO comes into play here to ensure that people within a particular region are seeing your roofing business. After all, taking a job that’s closer to home makes much more sense for your profit margin than one that’s 1,000 miles away. By optimizing your local SEO, your business will show up in Google search results for the regions that you do business in.

Benefits of Local SEO

There are many benefits that come along with optimizing your business’s local SEO. While I could spend a good amount of time going through each possible benefit, I have narrowed the benefits down into what I think are the three most important ones. As a business owner of a roofing company, having enough work to do and gaining new customers will always be at the forefront of your business to maintain profits. The following benefits that I will discuss will help you achieve just that.

Brand awareness: This is a term that’s always thrown around in the world of business but what does it actually mean for your small roofing business? By increasing your brand awareness, more people will have heard of or done business directly with you. This helps facilitate word of mouth among past and future clients. If one person sees your company in Google search results, does business with you and has a positive experience, they will more than likely recommend your business to any of their friends/family that need roofing services. See how this can quickly increase your brand awareness if this happens over and over again? That’s why you want to be able to be seen in local search results on Google.

Increased website traffic: The more that your business shows up in Google search results, the more likely it is for someone to visit your site. They are typically searching in the first place to find a product or service to meet their needs within a local area. So, if your roofing company is optimized for local SEO and shows up at the top of search results, the person will usually visit your website. This process as a whole will drive so much traffic to your website which in return presents the opportunity for these visitors to turn into customers for you.

Reach more clients: Maybe your roofing business has a physical location that customers can walk into to inquire about your services however, not all customers will use this as an avenue to learn more about your business. In today’s world, many people will use the internet to do any preliminary research on your company beforehand. So while you may get some foot traffic in your store, you must also consider those who will use the internet and search engines to find you. Local SEO will help you reach this subset of people who aren’t physically entering your store.

Not an SEO Expert and Still Have Questions?

If you see the benefits of local SEO but you have no idea where to start with your business, reach out to someone that is an expert in the field! Here at Netvantage, we solely do SEO and we even have a portfolio of clients that are particularly in the roofing industry. See how we can help you with your roofing SEO and start attracting more clients to your business today!

Kelli Kaufman

Kelli joined the Netvantage SEO team as a Junior Search Analyst in April 2018. She assists the search engine optimization team as well as managing clients' social media accounts.

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