Local SEO Tips for Bed & Breakfasts

Local bed & breakfasts and inns often can get lost in the shuffle in terms of rankings due to their small size. However, there are simple local SEO tactics that can aid in moving up in rankings relatively quickly. Here are some simple tips for bed & breakfasts and inns to improve in their local SEO.


The first and most simple way to increase in rankings and visibility is to revamp in your keyword strategy. The best keyword practice for bed and breakfasts and inns is to incorporate your city and state with your typical keyword set. Broad terms such as “bed and breakfast,” “B&B,” “inn,” etc. can work to an extent, however using “Houston bed and breakfast” or “bed and breakfast in Houston” can work to help your bed and breakfast rank out better locally. This also extends to page titles and meta descriptions. Utilize these location centered keyword phrases in both to better represent your locality and what kind of business you are.

Examples of keywords to try:

Bed and breakfast

Bed & breakfast






Name, Address, Phone Number

Just like with any local business, having your local NAP information consistent is very important. Also, having this information on all the pages of your site is essential, in the footer or header is usually the best location. Implementing local business “bed & breakfast” schema is the most efficient way to achieve this. The schema information will benefit your site and will verify the location and business type. This can aid greatly in moving your B&B up into the map results for local searches.

Google+ Business Page

Again like all local businesses, having one accurate and verified G+ business page is very important to local rankings. However, for bed & breakfasts, it can be a little different than other businesses with various buildings or locations under one company name. In this case, whether you have multiple buildings or an inn and a vacation rental, it is best to have one page with the main business address of the company. This will ensure consistency and will aid in local rankings considerably. Optimizing your page to its full extent will allow you to get the most out of it. Include a number of high quality pictures, business hours, a keyword rich description, and utilize all categories including bed and breakfast, hotel, inn, accommodations etc. Also, make sure your page is connected to Google maps to ensure that your B&B can show up in local map listings.

Update Your Socials

Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are important to the success of your bed & breakfast. Make sure that your NAP is consistent across each platform, but more importantly have topic specific content. For accommodation type businesses pictures are key, make sure to have a number of high quality photos of your B&B, as well as a clear description of what you offer and what makes you stand out among other lodging in your area. Lastly, make sure to use a handful of keywords on your social media profiles based on your business’s location. This also helps Google identify the business and it’s location.

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