Pros and Cons of Outsourcing PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is important for any business that is looking to grow but it is difficult to manage in-house without a proper team of experts. Many are starting to consider or have already made the switch to outsourcing their PPC management to search engine marketing companies. The issue with PPC is that it is not just something someone can add to their to-do list as it is an incredibly intricate thing to learn. Not only is it hard to learn and teach but the job itself is very time-consuming. Luckily the world is full of PPC experts that can be hired or outsourced. There are so many reputable, result-driven PPC management companies that can help take your business to the next level. So how do you decide if you should do in-house PPC or outsource? We’re going to go through a few of the major pros and cons of outsourcing PPC to help you figure out what is best for the future of your business. 

Cons of Outsourced Pay-Per-Click Management


One of the main reasons people choose not to outsource their PPC is because it is inconvenient. Many companies would rather train their employees in-house to do it than go out of their way to find a PPC company, hire them, make a plan, and follow up. Having a PPC employee in-house allows asking questions, making changes, and communication, in general, to be quicker and easier. Communication with PPC companies often takes longer because they have several clients and will not always be able to drop what they’re doing to assist you.

Understanding your business

An employee will always be more knowledgeable about a company than an outsider which is why in-house PPC can be valuable. It can be difficult to find a PPC management company that takes the time to fully understand your business and its needs. You’ll find companies that will have a brief conversation with you, scroll through your website once and think they’re ready to roll with your ads, and then you will find companies that do their research, organize multiple meetings, show you how your money is being spent and keep in touch. Even if you find a good one, it will take time on your part to ensure a PPC agency has grasped the ins and outs of your company. 


Just like most business decisions, there is a certain level of risk involved when outsourcing your PPC. When you outsource your PPC you essentially hand over the control of your campaigns, answer questions, pay your ad budget, and pay for the service. While it may not seem like a huge risk, a bad PPC company could do some serious damage to your business and you’d be out a nice chunk of change. Many companies choose to do in-house PPC because they like having complete control over their campaigns, even if that means hiring, training, and paying a new team of employees. It’s important to note that checking out reviews, case studies, and accomplishments are good ways to filter out the quality PPC companies from the bad.

Pros of Outsourced Pay-Per-Click Management

Expertise and experience

If you want to be the best in your industry, you need the best working on your marketing, and PPC companies offer a level of expertise that is hard to match. In order to thrive in such a focused, ever-changing part of marketing, they have to stay up to date on all things PPC related, including trends, changes, studies, and techniques. Finding and hiring an in-house employee that knows what they’re doing can be a fulltime job in itself, but PPC management companies know who to hire for results. PPC companies employ only those with the right skill set and experience level and only work with agencies of the same caliber. Working with a PPC company that has a proven track record of experience will make a huge difference in your campaigns.

Return on investment

The initial cost of switching to a PPC company might deter some from outsourcing but if PPC is important to you and is an area of weakness in your business, why not outsource? Experts that can deal with a variety of budgets while managing multiple campaigns and using the latest digital marketing resources will return better results than doing subpar PPC in-house. PPC management companies are efficient and effective as they are able to produce more, quicker. The reason in-house PPC is unable to keep up with PPC agencies is that their teams are often not large or skilled enough and are always spread too thin with other duties.


Just as your in-house employees would be responsible for the success of your business’ campaigns, the outsourced PPC companies are also measured on their success. PPC management companies hold themselves accountable for the results they produce and keep track of key performance measures to do so. Their future success depends on what they do with each campaign. Most PPC focused companies are very passionate about what they do and hold themselves to a high standard, and like your business, they also are trying to grow, build a good reputation, and be successful. 

Elyse Motte

Elyse joined Netvantage SEO as a Junior Search Analyst in December 2018. She is a senior at Grand Valley State University and assists the team with search engine optimization and social media.

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