Search Scoop: Week of November 25th

Happy Monday! We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
FAQPage JSON-LD Schema Generator —  Nothing to read here, just an incredibly handy tool for cranking out FAQ schema.

Elyse Motte
Google for Jobs: Everything you need to know to optimize for better ranking — I feel like every single day I hear people talking about how good the job market is right now for soon to be graduates. Which is cool because I graduate soon, but this means there is intense competition for recruiters to get top talent. This article shows how job postings can be properly optimized with Google for Jobs so the right people see it.

Jerod Karam
72% of Marketers Have No Plans to Optimize for Voice Search — Want to get ahead of the competition? Optimize your clients’ sites for voice search. Apparently, no one else is planning to do so.

Joe Ford
As shoppers flock to Amazon, the role of search is changing — Amazon continues to dominate the e-commerce sales funnel and this will continue to have ongoing impacts on search marketing.

Kelli Kaufman
Social Media And The Holidays: How To Prep Your Social Media Holiday Calendar — This time of year brings about many different holidays that your business should be aware of on social media. During the holidays, this is a great opportunity to effectively use social media to promote your product or service as most consumers are spending more money during this time. Make it easy for them to give you money by staying active on social media this holiday season!

Lexie Kimball
Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews — With the busy holiday season approaching, more shoppers can lead to more reviews. Often emotions are heightened during the busy shopping season which may lead to unfavorable reviews. Due to this, it is important to make sure you are responding to negative reviews appropriately and in a timely manner. Use this guide to craft responses for negative reviews and turn them into positive ones.

Michael Hall
How Google’s Nofollow, Sponsored, & UGC Links Impact SEO — The way that you think of nofollow links should change in 2020. Google currently ignores nofollow links for crawling and indexing purposes, however on March 1, 2020, Google will begin treating nofollow attributes as “hints”. What does that mean? How will this affect my keyword rankings? What are rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc”. This article addresses these questions, however, for the most part, no one is entirely sure what to expect due to lack of clear information from Google.

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