Watching the SERP Change for the Princess of Wales

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. With her death comes numerous changes to the Royal Family’s titles. After Prince Charles became King Charles III, one of the most significant royal title changes is for William and Catherine.

As Charles became King, William and Catherine became the Prince and Princess of Wales. Charles was formerly using the Prince of Wales title, but the Princess of Wales title has not been used since Diana’s passing in 1997 since Camilla chose to use the Duchess of Cornwell out of respect for Diana and her family.

When King Charles announced that William and Catherine would be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales, searches for Princess of Wales skyrocketed. Here is a 90-day look on Google Trends for the Princess of Wales. The day of the announcement saw a significant spike in searches. Interest has slowed since the initial jump. Some interest has been shown as Catherine has started on engagements again after the royal morning period ended. It seems unlikely to have a significant jump in searches like what occurred after the announcement again though.

I did a search for the Princess of Wales shortly after the big announcement was made. Prior to this big announcement, a search for the Princess of Wales brought up search engine results similar to this.

The results are heavily focused on Diana since she was the last to hold the Princess of Wales title. While there is no way to know for sure, I am guessing the Catherine, Princess of Wales box at the very top was not there prior to the announcement. It was likely added to give quick access to anyone who was curious for more information regarding Kate Middleton after the announcement. I personally think Google did it to buy themselves a little time to make any necessary changes they needed to.

Today’s search results page gives many different results for the Princess of Wales. The search results are heavily focused on the news as William and Kate had an engagement together today and Kate had a solo engagement yesterday. The next results are for popular Twitter posts. As you continue to scroll, you then reach the Wikipedia pages for both Catherine and Diana with their Princess of Wales title.

It will be interesting to see how the search engine results page continues to change as Catherine continues with her new title.

Another SERP to Watch

A quick search for King Charles has some entertaining search results. It is a mix of the new monarch as well as a lot of adorable dogs! It will be interesting to see the changes for the search engine results for King Charles as his reign continues.

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