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As a Chiropractor, you know that ranking well in Google impacts the number of new clients you get as well as your overall bottom line. Getting your Chiropractic business listed in directories is critical for SEO success for several reasons:

  1. Local Presence: Directories, especially local ones, are essential for businesses that serve a specific geographic area. Having listings in local directories provides signals to search engines that your chiropractor business operates in a specific geographic area.
  2. Credibility: Being listed in reputable directories adds credibility and trustworthiness to a business. Search engines often consider the consistency and accuracy of business information across multiple directories when determining rankings.
  3. Domain Authority: Many directories provide opportunities for businesses to include backlinks to their websites. Backlinks from authoritative directories can positively impact a website’s SEO by signaling to search engines that the business is reputable and relevant.
  4. Niche Relevancy: Directories focused on specific industries or niches, such as medical or chiropractor specific websites, can help businesses establish authority in their field. Being listed in directories related to the chiropractor industry can enhance the perceived expertise of a business.

With that in mind, chiropractors need to understand that there are multiple types of directories their chiropractic business needs to be listed in.

We’ve organized our recommendations into three categories, with three listings each for directories that we believe are essential for chiropractors to be listed in.

1. Chiropractor Specific Directories

A. National Directory of Chiropractic

The National Directory of Chiropractic serves as a free locator service for the public, designed to offer a platform where patients can find chiropractors based on geographic proximity to a city or town. The directory dates back to 1989 and is the largest compilation of chiropractic professionals in the United States. The database undergoes annual updates through ongoing research initiatives, including direct mailings and telephone surveys.

Listings are free of charge and can be submitted on their website. Your listing will appear on their website as well as in a printed directory, which can be purchased separately.

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B. U.S. Chiropractic Directory

U.S. Chiropractic Directory helps people locate Chiropractors in their area with a zip code search feature. The website also has resources for Chiropractors and potential patients.

Chiropractors can create a listing for free, which will display their details in the internal directory of the website. You can upgrade to become a Preferred Member for $40 per month, which provides access to an exclusive Curriculum Vitae Builder with a Concierge Service, chiropractic research, and a dedicated live Concierge Staff. Your listing will also have a dedicated landing page along with a direct link to your practice contact information and a practice location map.

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C. Chiropractor Directory

Chiropractor Directory is a paid directory that lists chiropractors across the United States and Canada. Listings are $20 per year, and can be purchased using PayPal.

Because the listing comes from a Chiropractor Specific website, it is much more relevant than from a general health directory. The domain has a DR of 7 and receives a small amount of organic search traffic, so it is in fairly good graces with Google.

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2. Location Specific Directories

A. Local Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce are local business networks that often have established online directories. Joining allows your chiropractor business to be listed in these directories, enhancing local visibility. Search engines often prioritize local results, and being part of a chamber adds credibility to your business.

Chambers of commerce typically link to their member businesses from their websites. These backlinks from reputable local sources can positively impact your website’s SEO. Additionally, consistent business information across directories (citations) can improve your search engine rankings.

There is almost always a fee required to join your local chamber, however the additional benefits through networking, community engagement, and business referrals could justify the cost.

B. Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social platform that combines social networking, local search, and user-generated content. It allows users to discover and share information about businesses, restaurants, and other points of interest in their vicinity. Foursquare users can “check in” to locations, leave reviews, and provide recommendations for others. The platform aims to connect people with local businesses and facilitate the discovery of new places based on the preferences and experiences of others.

Registering your business is free and easy, and every chiropractor should have their business included on Foursqure.

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C. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a private social network platform designed for neighborhoods and local communities. Launched in 2011, Nextdoor allows residents to connect and communicate with their neighbors online. The platform serves as a virtual community bulletin board where users can share information about local events, recommendations for services, discuss neighborhood issues, and even buy or sell items.

Chiropractor owners can claim or create their business listing for free. We would recommend that you browse through local community postings and search for mentions of chiropractor recommendations, which you can use to mention your business as a chiropractor service provider to the area.

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Bonus: Google Search

You will likely be able to find local citation opportunities based on your state or city. This can be done by searching for directories on Google using various searches such as:

  • chiropractor directory {city}
  • business directory {state}
  • {state} directory submit listing

3. General High-Authority Directories

A. Google Business Profile

Formerly known as “Google My Business”, is a free online tool provided by Google that allows businesses to manage details about their operation. These details then appear in Google Search and Google Maps. It serves as a centralized platform for businesses to control and enhance their business information, interact with customers, and understand how users are engaging with their online presence.

Every chiropractor with a local presence must have a Google Business Profile for SEO purposes. Claiming a listing is easy but typically requires phone, postcard, or photo verification to ensure that you are the owner of the business.

Create Google Business Profile

B. Yelp

Yelp is a popular online platform and mobile application that connects people with local businesses. It primarily focuses on user-generated reviews and recommendations, allowing individuals to share their experiences and opinions about restaurants, shops, services, and various other businesses – including chiropractors. Yelp provides a platform for users to discover and connect with businesses based on the feedback and ratings of other consumers.

Getting listed on Yelp is free and can be completed on their website. Verification that you are the actual business owner may be necessary.

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C. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that focuses on displaying the most trustworthy businesses to consumers. It operates as an independent entity that collects and maintains information about businesses, providing consumers with insights into a company’s reliability, ethical practices, and customer service. The BBB acts as an intermediary that helps consumers make informed decisions and facilitates resolutions in cases of disputes with businesses.

The BBB automatically creates listings for many organization types, so there’s a good chance that your chiropractor business is already listed. If so, you should claim your BBB profile, which is free to do.

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How To Find Even More Directories

The above is just a small sample of citation and directory opportunities. To find additional opportunities it is necessary to:

  1. Complete a full analysis of competitor backlink and citation listings
  2. Research listings of chiropractors in different geographic markets
  3. Research listings of other service providers in the same geographic market
  4. Identify new directory sources, existing listings with incorrect information, unlinked brand mentions, and other opportunities

Netvantage SEO specializes in Chiropractor SEO and we can help develop a gameplan for your business to stand out in online searches, attract more patients, and optimize your website for conversions.

Give us a call at 877.204.0234 or fill out our Contact form to get started.

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