Local SEO Tips for HVAC Companies

Local marketing for any company is necessary, and it is no different for HVAC companies. One-way HVAC businesses can stand out from their competition is through local SEO. Below are a few tips to help your HVAC company become more visible to your customers.

Google My Business Service Area

Netvantage team members and a lot of people across the internet have written millions of articles on completing filling out your Google My Business listing to beat your competition. While it is important to have an updated listing, the service area is one of the most important sections to focus on for an HVAC company. In this industry, your team typically goes to the customer, instead of them coming to your business office. Since traveling is involved, even if it is short distances at times, it is vital that you have an accurate service area so customers know if you will come to them.

The service area is also important for showing up in the Google search engine results too. If you are thorough when completing this section of your Google My Business listing, Google can possibly include your listing in the local 3-pack when someone searches for an HVAC company in the area they are located that you service.

Individual Location Pages

Similar to listing all of your service areas on your Google My Business listing, it is beneficial to have individual pages on your website for each city your company travels to. Creating these pages will allow you to utilize more keywords. For example, a Farmington, Michigan HVAC company will largely use Metro Detroit location keywords throughout the majority of its website. But the company services nearby cities including Novi, Huntington Woods, and Plymouth to name a few. We created pages for these individual cities to allow us to optimize their services in each city and reach a larger audience.

Ask for Reviews

Reviews are the new word of mouth. A company with a poor average review rating is a lot less likely to get a click on the internet, let alone a phone call. Where should your HVAC company focus on getting reviews from? Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp are all common for leaving reviews. At Netvantage, we often focus on Google My Business reviews the most. This is the average review rating a customer is likely going to see first since it can show up in the Google local 3-pack and Google Map listings.

So how do you get more reviews, you ask for them! Sending out an email or text message asking for them to review your company’s service is the best way to get reviews. In your message, you need to make it as easy as you can for customers to leave a review. In the Google My Business interfaces, you can get a link that will lead users directly to where they can leave a review for your company. The current location to find this link is under the Home tab, but it has moved before. Look for something like the image below to find your HVAC company’s specific Google My Business review link.

Check Citations for Accuracy

Like I mentioned before, an HVAC company often goes to the customer rather than them coming to you, but citations are more than you address being correct. Your phone number is included in your citations. Making sure your phone number is accurate across directory websites, is vital for your business success. Your phone isn’t going to ring if your potential customers have the wrong phone number. Not sure how to check your citations? We have a great guide on how to complete a health check of your citations.

Additionally, websites that have citations oftentimes also link to your website so if you are checking directories for accuracy and your business is not listed, it is a great time to add your company and another link to your website.

You will want to check the following top citation sites for local businesses:

  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Whitepages
  • Superpages
  • Manta

You will also want to look into niche directories. The following websites have compiled construction and contractor directories:

Team Photos on Google My Business

Using your logo for your Google My Business listing is a no brainer, but does you listing including photos of your team members? There is a specific Team tab in the photos section that would be beneficial to add photos to. This can help put potential customers at ease by knowing who is coming into their home.

Looking for more ways to improve your HVAC company’s local SEO? Contact Netvantage today, we’d love to help put your company on the map!

Lexie Kimball

Lexie is an Account Manager at Netvantage SEO, an online marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC and social media. At Netvantage, Lexie assists with online marketing campaigns and social media outreach.

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