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Happy Presidents Day!

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Adam HenigeThis article selected by:
Adam Henige
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Ultimate List of Online Public Relations Tools — PR is and always has been one of the best forms of link building available and these tools are an excellent collection to help you with your efforts.
Andrea BarnesThis article selected by:
Andrea Barnes
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What Happened to the Google Carousel Feature? — The Google Carousel is the search engine’s version of “Mean Girls.” Only a certain lucky few gets to be in the “local pack” and earn higher click-through rates. Author Ryan Bradley talks about how local businesses can take advantage of this new ranking opportunity.
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Jerod Karam
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Facebook Can Now Track Online Searches Out of App — Facebook is going full-blown “Big Brother” on us. If you haven’t already, you will soon have to accept a new privacy policy that allows the darling social media site to track all of your web traffic OUTSIDE the app as well as within. Read this article to learn more.
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Joe Ford
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3 Signs That Google Hates B2B Advertisers — We do a lot of B2B campaigns, and they can come with challenges. Melissa Mackey covers some specific examples of why Google AdWords is really set up to cater to B2C adverstiesr, leaving those looking to do B2B on their own.
Lexie KimballThis article selected by:
Lexie Kimball
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What Makes Stuff Go Viral? — Every marketer probably wishes that it was easy to make content go viral, but in reality it isn’t. Luckily, Scott Adams has a few ideas that can help your content go viral.  
Michael HallThis article selected by:
Michael Hall
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6 of the Biggest Website Fails Revealed in 100+ Website Audits — With the constantly changing scene of SEO, it’s important to ensure your website is complaint with Google’s ranking factors. Chuck Aikens provides a SEO audit checklist, and lists 6 big issues he often sees when auditing websites.

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