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Adam HenigeThis article selected by:
Adam Henige
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Panda 4.1 Google Leaded Dos and Don’ts – Whiteboard Friday — Oh Panda…what do you want from us now? The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper, and Moz’s whiteboard Friday tells us even more about things we need to do to make the Panda happy.
Andrea BarnesThis article selected by:
Andrea Barnes
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5 Facts Business Owners Need to Know About SEO in 2015 — Get your business website ready for the New Year with these five facts about SEO by SEMrush. Find out what you should expect in the world of search engines so you stay on top of your game.
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Jerod Karam
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Firefox dumps Google for search, signs on with Yahoo — Last month we heard the news of Firefox changing its default search engine to Yahoo. This month we’re experiencing that change. As a Firefox user, I’ve been affected and although I know I can change my default search provider back to Google if I choose, I’m opting to stay with Yahoo for the time being just to see how The Y! stacks up to The Goog. Here’s some more detail on the ins, outs, whys, and hows of the change.
Joe FordThis article selected by:
Joe Ford
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A #PPC Christmas Morning: The Best Toys in Our PPC World — In the spirit of Christmas morning, here is post that outlines a whole big bag of great PPC toys that you can use year round!
Lexie KimballThis article selected by:
Lexie Kimball
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6 Facebook Secrets That Can Surprise Even an Experienced Marketer — A few secrets everyone that uses Facebook as a marketing tool should know! 
Michael HallThis article selected by:
Michael Hall
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How to Leverage the Best Content Formats of 2014 — Amanda Gallucci summarizes different and effective ways to present content that can be used for targeting specific areas of your target audience, and lists the pros and cons of each format.

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