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Search Scoop Logo June 30Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s almost July? Where has the summer gone!

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Michael Hall
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8 Ways to Use Email Alerts to Boost SEO – Whiteboard Friday — Rand Fishkin shows the many ways to use email alerts for link building and content creation opportunities. The video mentions several different tools, many of which require payment, but most offer free trials or limited versions that you can make use of.
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Lexie Kimball
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Google to Remove Author Images from Search Results — Remember when you spent extra time selecting a picture for your Google+ profile since it would be used for Google Authorship? Well that picture doesn’t matter anymore. Google announced that they will no longer be using author images in search results, but it isn’t the end of Google Authorship. Find out what the search results will look like now in Danny Goodwin’s article.
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Joe Ford
More Insights about Quality Score and the AdWords Auction — Google has released a white paper discussing the true relevancy of Quality Score. This paper is an attempt to help AdWords managers weigh the importance of Quality Score in accounts, and dispell some common myths on how QS can or should be measured when editing campaigns.  
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Adam Henige
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10 Things I Care More About Than Google Plus Votes — I don’t make any bones about my distaste for Google+ (sorry, Google) but Shaun Anderson from Hobo SEO does a good job laying out things far more worthy of your time than fretting over G+ votes.
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Andrea Barnes
How Video Marketing Creates Immediate SEO Results — Higher click-through rates, higher page authority, lower bounce rates—these are just a few of the benefits of using embedded videos in your site. Author Shawn Forno reminds us how content is king (in Google kingdom) and shares the best practices for video SERP.

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