Search Scoop: Week of October 14th

Happy Monday! Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:

Adam Henige
Adam Henige
How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years – Organically —  Want to turn your blog into something that actually drives traffic? Here are some great tips!

Elyse Motte
6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Ranking Your Website — It is nearly impossible to rank websites sometimes, but that doesn’t mean SEO should be thrown out the window. These 6 tips will help you think outside of the box to leverage organic traffic opportunities without ranking.

Jerod Karam
WordPress Hackers Are Using Vulnerable Plugins to Gain Access to Sites —  This is an interesting site hijacking method. It looks like the Böse Herren (my new favorite moniker, you’re going to hear it a lot) are using compromised plugins to run malicious javascript which redirects website visitors to alternate sites. What makes this doubly interesting is that the SkR!pT k!dDiez have also implemented a bit of code that waits for a legit site admin to log in and then uses the admin session to create another admin account which is then available for the 1337 haXor to use. Pretty interesting method. Along with last week’s exploit of Rich Reviews, a list of the compromised plugins can be found in the article. “KEEP YOUR S#!T UP TO DATE!” he admonished for at least the two hundred seventy-five thousandth time.

Joe Ford
7 Deadly Google Ads Mistakes That’ll Make You Broke (And How to Fix Them) —  Neil Patel, who runs a great keyword research tool, has a very good back to basics and back to fundamentals on common pitfalls that Google Ads advertisers can avoid as they start out with their campaigns.

Kelli Kaufman
Amazon SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Higher Product Ranking in 2019 (With Tips & Examples) — If you’re selling products on Amazon, here is a helpful article about what to know when it comes to ranking well for certain keywords based on purchase likelihood. Everything you need to know about how Amazon ranks products is in this article!

Lexie Kimball
How to Do Local SEO During the Holidays — The holiday season is quickly approaching. Make sure you stay ahead of the game by thinking about your local SEO during the holidays now before the competition beats you to it!

Michael Hall
VIDEO: Link Building for a New Website: 5 Actionable Ways to Get More Backlinks — Nice intro video to link building for a brand new website, or a business that does not have a large target audience. A few creative tactics here, although not all will be applicable for all business types. Still, a good overview of resource page link building and the “skyscraper” technique.

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