Search Scoop: Week of September 28th

Happy drink beer day! If you live in the Grand Rapids area, here are plenty of places to go grab a beer today!

Here are this week’s Search Scoop articles:



Adam HenigeThis article selected by:
Adam Henige
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Google Switched To Local 3-Pack: Is There Cause For Alarm? — Oh, the 3 pack is for real everyone. We’ve seen some interesting results and apparently we’re not alone. Some interesting thoughts here on measuring Google My Business traffic and what recent fluctuations may mean for your site.
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Emily Clemons
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Groupon Gets (More) Serious about Local Listings: How to Get Listed without Offering a Groupon or Being Pitched — Finally Groupon is making gaining a non-deal listing on their site much easier by honoring requests for free listings, creating another credible linking opportunity for sites.
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Jerod Karam
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‘Let’s Encrypt’ project issues its first free certificate — We’re getting closer to free SSL for all. This is an obscure thing to geek out about but providing free, easy-to-use, easy-to-install, globally recognized encryption is not only a giant win for privacy but also a big step towards making Google happy(ier) with your website.
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Joe Ford
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Google AdWords Rolls Out Structured Snippets — This may be two weeks old, but it is still a moderately important development in the ever changing options for ad copy and SERP real estate. Structured snippets are predetermined attributes from your site. Again, a continual evolution to more real estate with your ad copy and eating up clicks, aka making Google more money.
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Lexie Kimball
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How Social Media Marketers Can Capitalize on Lesser-Known Holidays — Taking advantage of lesser known holidays is social media gold. If you need proof, look at our post for National Dog Day, or read the article. People love unique holidays and it’s a great way to increase engagement for your brand.
Michael HallThis article selected by:
Michael Hall
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The Lazy Man’s Way to Find Local Link Opportunities (in 5 Seconds Or Less) — Here’s a quick read well worth your time. Meetup has plenty of groups without sponsors, which equals a great local link building opportunity.

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