Social Media Influencers: Micro vs Macro

Influencers are not a new concept to advertising. Celebrities have been advertising for companies for years via magazine ads, billboards, and commercials. With the rise of social media, they are also now featured in sponsored posts across all platforms. But it isn’t just big celebrities endorsing products on social media. In fact, there are a variety of different types of social media influencers. Read on to learn more about two of the most common, micro influencers and macro influencers.

Micro Influencers

Who is a micro influencer?

Micro influencers typically have a minimum of 1,000 followers on the platform you are choosing to target. That is just a starting number though, it can be much larger. They also tend to focus on a specific niche such as beauty, fitness, food and so on and are considered to be an expert in the said niche.

What are the benefits of micro influencers?

Micro influencers commonly have high engagement rates. With a slightly smaller audience than other influencers, it is easier for them to be active with their audience. They can respond to followers’ questions, like responses and comments, etc.

What are the disadvantages of micro influencers?

While engagement numbers for micro influencers can be higher, there is a limit to the influencers reach. With a smaller number of followers, the micro influencer may not have the viewership a brand is hoping for.

How do I select a micro influencer?

The best place to look for a micro influencer is within your own audience! Do you have an avid user that praises your product regularly? Start building a relationship with them. Another way to find micro influencers is to search hashtags that you’d like your brand to show up. It can be a starting point to find new users to engage and build a relationship with to see if they are a good fit for your influencer program.

Macro Influencers

Who is a macro influencer?

Macro influencers have larger followings, think in the hundreds of thousands. Some celebrities may fall into the macro influencer category.

What are the benefits of a macro influencer?

With a larger audience, macro influencers simply reach more people. But the advantage is that they reach more of a variety of people as opposed to the niche a micro influencer would focus on.

What are the disadvantages of macro influencers?

Macro influencers authenticity can come into question. Think about some celebrities you see promoting products. Do you think they really use that product? Some may, but some may be sharing the product without even trying it. Macro influencers with their celebrity status can also be costly too!

How do I select a macro influencer?

First, you need to narrow down social media accounts by the number of followers they have. Second, consider your budget when doing your search for a macro influencer. Like I said, some can cost a pretty penny for a single social media post. Third, compare the potential social media influencers audience to your audience. With a large following, not everyone will be the right audience for your brand, but you do want to make sure the majority can be future customers.

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